Seven Swords

2005 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 9410

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Charlie Yeung as Wu Yuanying
Jingchu Zhang as Liu Yufang
Donnie Yen as Chu Zhaonan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Expensive and expansive action fantasy

When I first heard about SEVEN SWORDS, I imagined it to be another re-imagining of the classic SEVEN SAMURAI, about a bunch of disparate warriors defending a village from an evil warlord. In essence, this is exactly what the film is, but it bears little resemblance to the Kurosawa classic, and for me that's a good thing. Instead the film chronicles a running battle between seven warriors armed with mystical blades and all the bad guys of an army they're up against. This being a Tsui Hark film, it's got a long running time, is visually sumptuous, and packed with stirring music and top-notch technical values.

The actors are all pretty decent in their respective roles. My only complaint is that the film didn't really need seven heroes – they're too many, even despite the long running time, and some of them hardly get a look in (I'm thinking of the bald guy). Donnie Yen headlines the cast and does his usual posturing and fine fighting, and the final battle is pretty much left down to him. There are also some high quality performances from other cast members, notably Honglei Sun's developed villain, Fire-wind, and the girl who played Green Pearl. It's also fun to see Liu Chia-Liang back on screen, looking exactly the same as he did in DRUNKEN MASTER II.

The film has a distinctive visual style and Hark seems to have been hugely influenced by the landscapes and costumes of RETURN OF THE KING. That's no bad role model. Especially at this film's beginning, before you get used to it, the colours are amazing, with washed-out, drab grey landscapes and vibrant red banners and costumes. The set design is spot on, and particular attention has been paid to the weaponry. The heroes all have wicked-looking swords, which make noises, act like magnets, and they each have their own unique values; indeed the swords are as much characters as the actors holding them. The bad guys have plenty of wicked-looking weaponry adept at slicing the limbs and heads off the innocent, and as a result this is a fairly graphic film, although Hark plays down the violence by always focusing away on it (we'll see a leg falling on the ground, but not the act of it being chopped off). One of the weapons reminded me of the flying guillotine.

Of course, this is primarily an action film, and it delivers action in spades. I'd heard that there was a lagging middle, but I was engaged and entertained throughout. The fights are on a large scale and ably incorporate wire work and standard 'grounded' kung fu, and it's all very enjoyable and hard to take your eyes from the screen. I've always considered Hark's choreography to be a little over-stylised – to the detriment of being able to make out what's happening before your eyes – and that complaint sticks here, but it's a personal issue and most will love the many battle scenes. So, on a final note, this is a massive, expensive and very well made action fantasy that delivers a fitting bland of drama and action.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Hark is back

... but has lost a little bit of his flavor ...

Tsui Hark wasn't/isn't the best director, who came out of the Hong Kong cinema "revolution" (that's what I am calling it). But he was a pretty good one. And although he didn't make always the right choices (his US produced movies), he had some decent movies made.

But now he wants to much with the seven swords. A movie which ticks a few right boxes, if you're looking for the journey of the hero (or heroes in that case), but never feels like it is accomplishing anything.

Not to mention that the movie is just overblown and too damn long for it's own good. And although you have good and fine actors here, and all of them showing their skills (not only their martial arts ones mind you), you still won't be satisfied by this movie.

And it's not only the fault of recent success movies like "Crouching Tiger ...", "Hero" or "House of the flying Dagger", but mostly the fault of Tsui Hark himself.

If you really like this kind of movies, go watch "MUSA - The Warrior" (haven't watched the shorter western version of this movie yet, but the Korean cut is marvelous! Extraordinary! To say the least!)

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

Seven Swords

Set in the sixteenth century, shortly after the fall of China's Ming Dynasty, the new emperor has banned ordinary people from practising martial arts. Fire Wind, a brutal warlord, sees this as an opportunity to get very rich killing those who break the new law to collect the bounty... of course he doesn't stop there; his forces kill everybody and claim they were breaking the law. Fu Qingzhu, who worked as an executioner for the old regime has forsworn violence and decides to stop Fire Wind. He warns the people of Martial Village but rather than believing him they try him for his past crimes and sentence him to death. He escapes with the help of the chief's daughter, who he'd previously saved, and heads to Mount Heaven with two villagers. Here they are given seven swords and the help of four students. They return to Martial village in time to stop the first attack but they know that won't be the end of it.

If you like martial arts films with plenty of swordplay then this could be the film for you. The opening scene, where we see a village massacred is probably the most disturbing so if you get past that you should be okay with the later violence. While there are plenty of heads and limbs lopped off there isn't too much blood. There is lots of action which is exciting and relies on less obvious wirework than many wuxia films. There are a few twists where we are led to believe that one thing happened but later flashbacks show us what really happened. Director Tsui Hark does a great job capturing the action. The story is relatively easy to follow; the good guys are clearly differentiated from the very villainous bad guys, some of whom look like characters from 'Mad Max' films! Away from the main story there are a couple of romances and the hunt for a traitor amongst the villagers. The cast does an impressive job, both during the fighting scenes and during more personal moments. Overall I'd recommend this both to fans of the genre and to fans of action films in general.

These comments are based on watching the shorter cut of the film in Mandarin with English subtitles.

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