Sex and the Single Alien


Comedy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 110

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CrabbyLion 8 / 10

Aliens give lackluster husband the ability, of "Telepathic Sex!"

Oh, my God! I have been trying to remember, the title of this movie, for a LONG TIME!

I, actually, stumbled upon this, while looking up another movie: A movie -- such as, this one -- I haven't seen, since "forever!" It was one, of many movies, that introduced me to soft core porn! {(sighs!) Those were good times!}

The story may be "a LITTLE cheesy", but I would prefer this movie, over some of the "stuff", that's being aired, today!

I'm surprised, this hasn't aired, on one of the cable stations -- such as "Spike TV" -- there's, practically, very little nudity, from what I can remember!

....Like I said: I haven't seen this, since "forever!"

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