Sex, Lies & Obsession



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian-272 6 / 10

Good TV movie that deals with an issue(sex addict) that deserves more attention.

A few months ago on Lifetime I watched this educational and informative TV movie, and it was great! The acting was well done by real husband and wife Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. I'm sure many men suffer from the problem of being a sex-addict and don't want to receive help. While the life of their many love ones are destroyed including the many marriages it breaks. Sex, Lies & Obsession shows it all the chronic problem of addiction and family problems, but most of all the courage to seek help with treatment. I'm sure this will show again on the Lifetime Networks please watch it you will enjoy.

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 8 / 10

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin do an excellent job

in this film portraying an actual couple, Cameron and Joanna Thomas. Having remembered Rinna from "Melrose Place",(she was the only one I would watch for) I watched this with expectations that she could raise the story to a higher level. She can, and does.

Although Cameron is a successful surgeon with all the accoutrements, something is missing. He fills the void in his life with an addiction. The story has been done many times before, but the specific subject of sex addiction has not. Lisa Rinna is excellent as the conflicted wife, angry and hurt by his addiction. Harry Hamlin is believable, doesn't overact, and still looks as good as he did in the 80's on "L.A. Law".

I hope that Ms.Rinna and Mr.Hamlin do more films of this genre, many films about addiction and family discord can work if they are done by talented, responsible actors not just concerned about their wardrobe or publicity stills.

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

sexual addiction explored in a good TV movie

This is actually a pretty good TV movie, based on a true story, starring real life husband and wife, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. Hamlin plays a sex addict who gets caught cheating by his wife. It turns out to be a little more than cheating, and Hamlin's chronic problem is ultimately exposed. He basically destroys his marriage, as well as his relationship with his children.

The indication that this film is realistic and based on a true story is the fact that Hamlin's wife keeps taking him back despite his many transgressions.

The movie doesn't pull any punches - it explores treatment options, 12 step programs, problems that Hamlin's own father had, and the difficulty that husband, wife, and family have coming to terms with their difficulties. It also shows the gritty situations that the man gets into, making one realize that only a compulsive personality would put himself through such horror. Hamlin and Rinna do a very good job.

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