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Reviewed by sol- 6 / 10

Things Happen

Not the Ingmar Bergman or Michael Fassbender films of the same title, this Australian drama focuses a female lawyer who decides to stay overnight in an unfriendly rural town while her motorcycle is fixed. Concerned about the apparent lawlessness in the town with an ineffectual police sergeant in charge, her stay soon becomes longer as she tries to convince a local teenager to speak out against those who have wronged her, leading to division and unease in the sleepy town. The messages at hand are hardly subtle and the pro-feminist angle is certainly nothing new, however, the film gets good mileage from its portrait of a town so cut off from the world that they believe themselves to be beyond the law, instead deciding their own regulations and ideas of right and wrong. When she is almost assaulted at night, the lawyer is told to simply "stay off the street" at night despite her protests that "I am a citizen; I have every right to do what I chose", while "these things happen" is the attitude of one local woman, dismissive of the charges that the lawyer wants her teen client to bring. A more interesting film may have probed into whether the lawyer created more harm than good by opening up a can of worms in regards to lawlessness in the town, but the film makes for decent viewing either way with Deborra-Lee Furness and Simone Buchanan both in fine form as the main female characters. While more eerie nighttime shots would have helped, the film is nicely photographed too on-location in Toodyay - less than an hour away from where I currently reside.

Reviewed by gcd70 6 / 10

Aggravating movie not as effective as it could have been

In a remote Western Australian town packs of gang rapists go around harassing and assaulting the local girls while nobody (not even the law) lifts a finger. That is, not until lawyer Asta (Deborah-Lee Furness) comes limping into town on her broken motorcycle. When she discovers what is going on, the fiery counsellor is determined someone will pay.

As the heroine who takes on the town, Furness fits the bill convincingly, while Simone Buchanan is suitably vulnerable as one of the latest victims, Lizzy. Tony Barry is strong as her tormented, scared father, and the support cast do well.

"Shame" is one of those aggravating movies that makes you want to take a straight razor to the 'fun-loving lads' and perform some delicate surgery. In this light it has similarities to "The Accused" (though it has nowhere near the power of that shocking film). Director Steve Jodrell easily generates compassion for the young girls and hatred for the boys, and he has no trouble upsetting and infuriating his audience. Unfortunately he cuts himself off with a poor ending which leaves his viewers hanging. We don't see the perpetrators brought to justice, which leaves our thirst for vengeance unquenched. It's also hard to believe that so many women in the town would chose to ignore the problems. This point, coupled with the ambiguity of some pivotal characters, such as the police sergeant, take away from the picture's effectiveness.

Western Australia is well photographed by Joseph Pickering.

Saturday, July 15, 1995 - Video

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 / 10

Utterly perfect movie, devastating experience

Devastating exploitation classic starring Deborah-Lee Furness as a lawyer who rides into a town where the local boys constantly rape the local girls without fear of legal reprisal. Truly one of the greatest Australian movies ever made (appallingly remade in the States, by the way) and a totally obscure gem of world exploitation film-making.

Thematically, the film targets masculine attitudes towards sexual violence, racism, sexism and the ways in which aberrant behavior can be "normalized". Despite its strong thematic elements, "Shame" is never preachy or melodramatic. Writers Beverley Blankenship and Michael Brindley background the social commentary and construct a taut, emotionally riveting narrative.

Steve Jodrell's direction is never showy, but it achieves perfect harmony with its inflammatory subject. The sense of frustration experienced by Furness in her struggle to make the rapists pay for their wrongdoing is felt so strongly by the audience, the experience of watching is exhausting.

The film moves at a rapid pace, is impeccably well acted (Simone Buchanan is a standout as Lizzie), and thunders towards an emotionally explosive and nihilistic climax. It is an utterly perfect movie.

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