Shaolin vs. Ninja

1983 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 5.3 10 178

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

The title tells you everything you need to know

SHAOLIN VS. NINJA is a typically nondescript Taiwanese action romp from director Robert Tai. The plot is exactly as it says in the title, charting the fortunes of a Shaolin Temple that gets attacked by a ruthless squad of ninjas. Much low rent action ensues, none of it much cop, even if it is mildly amusing. It's not as much fun as the pure over the top goofiness of something like MAFIA VS. NINJA, which is still the pinnacle of this sub-genre in my mind.

Alexander Rei Lo is the peaceful hero spurred into action, with the usual familiar faces appearing along the way. The English dubbing is appalling, the sound effects are completely over the top, and the cheesy choreography takes some beating. Sadly, the whole episode is never quite crazy enough, leaving it unmemorable rather than a classic of its type.

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 8 / 10

Spectacular fight scenes!

I'll be completely honest here straight away.....although there is a plot of sorts present within this film, it really only serves as a superficial excuse for a showcase of one and a half hours worth of some truly awesome martial arts displays.

This is first and foremost a fighting movie, and as such I believe it most equitable to judge it predominantly upon those merits as opposed to acting, character development etc.

As such, and upon the proposed criteria, I must say that the film in question does come out as a top class act indeed.

There is some truly astonishing martial arts choreography in this, especially the weapons displays during the tournament between the Japanese stylists and the Shaolin Monks.

If there is one criticism I would launch against this film however - and it is a factor which does deduct from the overall entertainment value, it would have to be the rather tiresome stereotypical portrayal of the Japanese protagonists as villainous barbarians with inferior martial arts and moral values, an all too common and sad trend in many kung fu films.

Still, overlooking this factor, for those seeking to witness the veritable beauty of some of the orients fighting arts and the skills and dedication of the practitioners of them, this movie is definitely well worth a look.

Reviewed by Space_Mafune 5 / 10

For Fans of Martial Arts Fighting Only.

In a plot to rob a Chinese Shaolin Temple of its great wealth, Shaolin monks find themselves framed for the murder of the Japanese Emperor's head monk, apparently the doings of a secret ninja force, and now must find a means to prove their innocence before bloodshed erupts between their Japanese Shaolin counterparts and themselves.

Where this delivers is in terms of its fighting. There's an impressive tournament challenge at one point conducted between the Chinese Shaolin and their Japanese counterparts that proves very exciting and showcases tremendous martial arts fighting skills both with and without weapons. Whenever fighting is on screen, this one tends to deliver the goods and then some. Where it falters is in terms of its story as there's really no sympathetic heroic lead and the many plot twists and turns tend to get a little confusing. Still if you're a fan of good Martial Arts fighting, you should find much to enjoy here.

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