Shark Huntress


Action / Adventure / Horror

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Katrina Grey as Sheila
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Yeah, another rubbish shark movie...

Granted, I wasn't really expecting much of anything from this 2021 movie titled "Shark Huntress". I mean, the title and the movie's cover/poster was just screaming one-of-those-awful-shark movies. But still, I opted to watch it, on the odd chance that the movie would actually turn out to be a good and enjoyable movie.

Well, it wasn't. Writers Dustin Alexander III and Dante Delmare just completely failed to compile an interesting or believable storyline here. And seriously, for people that are so aware about the world environment that they are picking up plastic from the oceans, why would the main character go out on a spree of vengeance against a single shark? The chances of finding that specific shark that actually bite and killed her mom would be so low, and they would probably just end up killing a random shark. It was just so ludicrous and laughable.

Just as the storyline was rubbish, so was the majority of the acting performances. It was especially painful to watch Katrina Grey (playing Main) and the actor playing Guru performing on the screen. Their performances were so wooden and rigid that it was just painful to watch. And their inability to deliver dialogue in a convincing or natural manner just had be laughing most of the time.

Then there were the actual shark scene. Yeah, let's just move on from that.

Don't waste your time, money or effort on director John Riggins' 2021 movie "Shark Huntress". Some of us suffered, literally, through this ordeal so you don't have to. The movie's cover/poster was actually the best thing about the entire ordeal.

My rating of "Shark Huntress" lands on a most generous two out of ten stars.

Reviewed by namob-43673 2 / 10

Atrocious amateurish nonsense but still better than Endgame

So this was a disaster from the start. You just need to look at the movie image, see the name of the movie, and then you know all you need to know. This is amateurish nonsense and so badly done I could have done better. The filming (if it can be called that) would have been done better with a smartphone by two 14yo's. Script abysmal, I honestly have no idea what this was about really and the ending was so confusing I was wondering if I actually saw the movie - did I fell asleep?

Well, anywhoooooo... generic amateurish girl 1 - dunno her name although I saw the movie like 5min ago... - is out for revenge for some reason against a shark... who live in a big ocean... And how can you know which is which? Is there only one shark on the planet? And there is something about environment and plastic that I was not paying any attention to. Then there is this apparent bad guy and something about "evil plastic???", sorry, I got so confused...

Well, filming and directing is the worst you have seen, story is so convoluted and dumb I cannot believe it was even written, the acting is amateurish below middle-school play level, and the message about not throwing plastic in the ocean is so obvious it just make you mad. Of course we also have the Shark...

I gave this a 2/10 and the only reason for that extra point is that this is still better than Avengers Endgame and that cannot be stated enough times. Yea, I am still angry about that one and sorry to compare the two. This is too bad to watch though, I cannot recommend this.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

It's the plastic people.

A shark film begins with a woman swimming in the ocean and PLOT SPOILER gets attacked by a shark. The film moves on with what sounds like a soundtrack to some decades old European light romance film like that Man and a Woman thing. This is most likely the influence of Katrina Grey who also stars as Sheila whose mother is missing. Not too hard to figure out. Her hippy dad lacks an accent and any ability to act. Mom worked at a secret lab that was planning to make recyclable containers from a unique algae in the area, but the evil plastic people (another plot spoiler?) placed a shark in the water. We discover they are worse than the tobacco giants in a long environmental and corporation lecture which was bad but not half as bad as watching Katrina take diving lessons in a swimming pool. I guess this was their equivalent of Rocky beating on Pauli's meat. And the shark was the biggest expense of the film as they had to shell out for a plastic fin. Indoor sound barely passable.

Guide: No sex or nudity. Only swearing was me yelling at the screen WTF!

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