Shark vs. Whale



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Reviewed by Dont_let_govt_divide_us 3 / 10

Graphic predatory habits of Great White Sharks

08AUG2020 {3/10 stars D} Recommend? Yes, if sharks interest you. They don't interest me and found the content a bit dry and slow moving.

Having video footage for the first time of a Great White Shark killing a Humpback Whale is said to be a big deal in this documentary. The video footage quality isn't very good because the video is recorded from high above with a drone. This documentary does not contain a lot of video from the attack because it's hard to see most of what happens due to the height of the drone. There is narration to describe what is happening with the shark attack on the whale to make up for the poor video quality. What little interesting video there is of the attack is replayed at different times during the documentary.

Because there isn't that much worthwhile video of the attack they make this into a full show by adding a lot of extra video and other content about the hunting and predatory abilities of Great White Sharks. At times this extra information gets a bit dry, tedious and slow moving.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Shark showed killing a Humpback whale with a lot of blood leaving the whale. The narration also describes how the Great White Shark is drowning the whale by pulling it under the water so it can't breathe.

Sharks are shown hunting and killing other sea life like a seal pup. That killing is also recorded from a drone with poor video quality. Additional video of the attack was recorded by a swimmer in the water with the shark. The shark is shown multiple times swimming with the unrecognizable seal flesh and organs trailing from the sharks mouth as the shark chews on the flesh.

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