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new york city billionaire

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Julianne Moore as Madeline
John Lithgow as Richard Hobbes
Lucy Taylor as Valeria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmFanatic2023 6 / 10

A Stylish Thriller That Misses the Mark

A stylish thriller that tries to mimic the style of an '80s David Mamet screenplay, but falls short in executing the tough-talking puzzle movie genre. The film follows the story of Tom, a soft-spoken young man played by Justice Smith, who falls for a beautiful woman named Sandra. But when Sandra reveals her brother is in trouble and needs a large sum of money, the story spirals into a series of cons and double-crosses.

While the film is enjoyable to watch, with a succession of betrayals and twists, the story and characters are shallowly drawn and the dialogue falls short of elevating the film beyond its foundation. The film also tries to be too stylish, with a sleek production and lack of danger, missing the gritty feel that is essential for a successful thriller.

Despite its flaws, "Sharper" is still a decent diversion for those who enjoy thrillers and the talented cast, especially newcomer Briana Middleton, delivers engaging performances. If you're looking for a movie that you can watch without too much thought and enjoy a series of twists, then "Sharper" is a good choice.

Reviewed by josemijmlg 4 / 10

Entertaining, but nothing more

The movie is entertaining for those days when you get bored at home you could even watch it twice but something is wrong, they want to be so creative and they invent some twists that in the end the viewer doesn't even find out until the end of the movie, the end of which It is quite poor for what was expected, the film has good settings, good backgrounds, good outfits and performances within what is acceptable, but it does not touch that scam that we wanted so much, the film leaves you with a taste in your mouth that you want more and he doesn't give it to you. The performances are decent, they put Julianne and Sebastian as the protagonists, however Brianna is one of the most interesting and stands out, the way of putting the film into parts is creative and ingenious. In conclusion, a normal movie with nothing beyond.

Reviewed by imdb-23821 5 / 10

Stylish, good actors, dialogue fails

This is a stylish film. It has a very talented cast. The problem is that a con should not feel like a con and have the audience sense it. Madeline says that no one will notice the con when people don't look for it. But when things whizz by too quickly and people seem to be convinced when the audience isn't, the dialogue fails. And it does here. The finale was poor and unconvincing.

"Are you buying this?

No... I'm not buying it. It's quite clear what is going on and even the ending doesn't quite add up completely and goes one step too far. It provides a twist that doesn't add up and the pieces themselves are just too incredible and the dialogue and script doesn't sell them, except perhaps to the story teller.

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