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Reviewed by TheFearmakers 2 / 10

Global Warming Lecture & Anticlimactic End

When they actually go into space, they float around for a few seconds, and then they're landed. You don't see them witness the glory of space. When they land, Shatner has to try explaining something that he says he cannot explain, but what he does say is just about all we have, since we, the audience, really saw nothing, experienced nothing... we didn't even experience them experiencing...

As for the buildup, including a a "last minute problem," it was as contrived as all documentaries that need to have the same kind of suspense as movies, because they are movies...

Plus there's the whole Global Warming lecture from Shatner "30 days later" and this is all just a way for Bezos to contradict his critics who say he's just doing it because he can... (And that is WHY he's doing it)...

All in all, SinS didn't seem real. It was too scripted. Shatner is an endearing kind of guy... a little loopy but that works for his legendary offbeatness... he's the kind of actor everyone likes even if they bag on him...

But this all kind of came and went, just like the going-to-space experience seemed to for Shatner.

Reviewed by searchersd 10 / 10

Shatner at long last becomes Kirk

At 90 years of age, William Shatner, the actor, finally gets to leave planet Earth after many years of portraying a starship captain. As he looks down at Earth through the capsule's window, he sits, overcome with emotion, while his crewmates are gleefully bouncing around enjoying their weightlessness. Perhaps it takes advanced age to be able to understand the deeper meaning of such a journey. This documentary enables us to experience it through the eyes of William Shatner, to understand why such a short trip into space means so much more than just getting high enough away from Earth's gravity to be able to float around.

Reviewed by joanneeccles-55847 10 / 10

Amazing xx

I love William Shatner, what a great guy, watching this made me emotional, seeing him in space was so heartwarming,I loved ever second of it, also Jeff Bezos I really did not know much about him except he is very wealthy , I really liked him and like what he is doing , this is a must watch , I can not recommend enough if you are a space or shatner fan .

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