Shaun of the Dead


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
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Simon Pegg as Shaun
Martin Freeman as Declan
Bill Nighy as Philip
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shannen-l-c 9 / 10

A legend of a movie in a genre that has some of the worst movies to ever be made

'Shaun of the Dead' is an absolute classic. I'm reviewing this movie as someone who has seen it at best 10 times, if not more, over the years and that should be proof of how good it actually is.

Admittedly, this movie is much more appealing to a British audience since the British culture and humour may be difficult to understand or unfunny to non-Brits. But for those that do get its wittiness and dark sense of humour, it's hilarious and unforgettable.

As a horror fan, zombies and comedies are probably my two least favourite sub-genres, yet 'Shaun of the Dead' manages to combine the two in the most brilliant way. The humour is consistent with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being the perfect comedic duo to play best friends, Shaun and Ed. It's clear to see that the two have a friendship off-screen that transitions onto screen and provides a very endearing and funny dynamic between them.

With most comedy horrors, the humour falls flat for me, but in Shaun of the Dead, despite it being delivered in many forms, it's always effective. There's the traditional slapstick comedy with the tripping, falling, funny faces (Simon Pegg's excels in this), there's comedy in the disaster of the character's and their numerous failings, the dialogue is dripping with snappy one-liners that are subtle but funny and there's even humour in the repetitiveness and mundane nature of their lives which continues even amidst a zombie apocalypse. There's the irony with lines such as "You're dead" and play-ons/foreshadowing of events to come with lines such as, "You've got red on you" and the opening scene with everybody going about their lives like zombies. These kind of subtleties are really what make the movie so genius.

Despite the comedic nature, there's also very serious scenes interwoven that evoke emotion and lead to reflection. Although fun is poked at the mess Shaun's life has become and death, it knows when to draw the line and take a step back from the humour. Surprisingly, the cast are just as capable of pulling off the more emotional scenes as they are the funny ones and towards the end there are some very heavy scenes that serve as a reminder that for the characters they're very much living through this hell.

What makes 'Shaun of the Dead' so brilliant is that you can see every single detail from beginning to end has been well thought out and meticulously planned. The ending beckons back to the beginning and throughout there are running gags or recurring themes or pieces of dialogue that really define the movie and make it distinctive. The plot and events are foreshadowed or prophesied from the very beginning and everything comes together in a very cohesive way.

In my opinion, 'Shaun of the Dead' is a classic in the horror-comedy genre that, although may not be everyone's cup of tea, has the perfect balance of comedy, emotion and gore supported by a brilliant cast.

Reviewed by GL84 10 / 10

One of the finest in the genre

Waking up one seemingly normal morning, an aimless slacker and his best friend find their London suburb overrun by flesh-eating zombies raised through unknown means forcing him and his friends to gather together and get them to safety away from the deadly creatures.

This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable zombie efforts ever. Among the numerous positives here is the absolutely hilarious and gut-busting comedy that comes from several really funny sources, giving this some rather varied sources of comedy. While there are some hysterical physical gags when they stumble over things, trip-and-fall or just get bashed with objects all over the body, there's a great deal of wordplay throughout that leaves this incredibly humorous especially with the way that a lot of these events are added alongside the absolutely clever manner this one undergoes towards lampooning and spoofing the genre. The early repetition of the two days where they replicate the same story only with the zombies approaching on the second day inconspicuously, the ability of the new-reporter to give them the abilities needed to save themselves with their reports and the utterly creative and hilarious method of imitating the zombies to cross a massive swarm preventing them from getting to safety which all tends to turn traditional zombie fare into rather respective jokes and gags. That is another enjoyable facet here where this one takes the whole manner of treating them so seriously that there's a great threat from the zombies where they're absolutely considered a deadly serious threat that isn't made out to be a singular joke, which makes this so fun by allowing these two factors to co-exist together quite easily. Along with these, the film also has a lot of fun here with the rather exciting and action-packed encounters with the zombies which are spread throughout here as there are some utterly fun situations ere, from their encounter in the garden debating what kind of vinyl records to use as ammunition, the rescue of his parents as well as retrieving his girlfriend from the zombie hordes, the absolutely crazy attacks as they attempt to get into the bar and the film's finale where they are under siege in the bar from the numerous zombie hordes breaking through the barricades into an overall extended, action-packed flurry of bloodshed, dynamic encounters and even a nice touch of pathos to make for some exemplary moments here. Together with the fantastic zombie makeup and great gore, these here are enough to give this one some really enjoyable elements here against the one lone flaw here. That comes from the rather lame way this one keeps pounding home his family strife, letting it run for far too long turning it into overkill. Otherwise, there's not much really wrong here.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Extreme Graphic Language.

Reviewed by Mohamed Abdalla 5 / 10

An Average Sarcastic Zombies Movie.

This movie is kinda the start of non told series of movies which is the result of cooperation between"Edgar Wright" and "Simon Pegg" , The next movie in the series is "Hot Fuzz" and then "At World's End".

It's better not to compare any of the movie in the series with each other, because they are separated story wise. But the similarities include, the same directing team, almost the same actors team and the same genre.

I saw it as a sarcastic movie about the Zombies idea, the scenes and the comedian parts weren't that funny. But the good thing that they kept everything simple, the idea is simple, the make up and eye lenses of zombies are simple, the killing scenes and the places included are simple, so everything was clear to the point.

Finally, it's a good comedy zombie movie that can get you out of a bad mood although it has some points that may get you bored.

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