She Devil


Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Bess Flowers as Party Guest
Mari Blanchard as Kyra Zelas
Jack Kelly as Dr. Dan Scott
Albert Dekker as Dr. Richard Bach
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Dying woman plus miracle serum equals pure evil!

Dr. Scott has created a miracle serum. When he's given it to animals with horrible injuries or on the verge of death, they quickly recover and are healthy. So, they want to try it out on a human...but ethically the only way they could do this is to give it to a terminal patient with no hope for recovery. Kyra (Mari Blanchard) is dying of advanced tuberculosis and she very willingly agrees to be the guinea pig. Amazingly, she soon completely recovers. However, there are unforeseen complications--she is now virtually indestructible AND she's evil!

Soon, Kyra is off doing rotten things...and with seeming impunity. In a really, really neat scene for a 1950s film, she bashes some poor guy over the head while stealing something. When the police are searching for her, she hides out in a dressing room and wills her hair color to change...and it does on camera! Then, she just walks they're looking for a brunette and she's now a platinum blonde! And, she seems to exude sex appeal that turn men into puppets in her hands! What's next for this budding sociopath with X-Men powers?!

Overall, this is a highly entertaining film that doesn't always make sense. Why didn't the doctors go to the police? This never made complete sense.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 3 / 10

She'll be judged by a higher power.

This is a melodramatic mixture of science fiction, crime drama and the typical femme fatale saga of film noir. It stars Mari Blanchard as a dying woman who is suddenly cured through a serum made out of something that came out of a fruit fly and she ends up with the ability to not only change her hair color but to be cured by a panther scratch, a bullet wound and survive a horrendous car wreck. She is probably one of the most wicked women in film history, looking into a mirror and watching her blond hair turn dark again after she is slapped by jealous wife Faye Baker whom she later strangles to death. Earlier, she had turned her black hair blond after assaulting a man who dropped money in a department store that she wanted to get her hands on.

Blanchard ends up married to Baker's widower, John Archer, whom she becomes instantly board with and arranges the car crash after he shoots her after realizing what a tramp she is. She is able to manipulate him into thinking that he was wrong when all the while she intends to smash his body into pieces as she walks away unscathed. It's up to doctors Jack Kelly and Albert Dekker to try and save her soul by convincing her to allow them to apply a reversal serum that will return her to who she was. but with a woman this evil, that will be difficult to do, and it becomes a definite question how the serum would react should she agree.

This is a hoot as far as melodramas go, and it has so many different themes, it is difficult to classify. I choose to consider it a combination of science fiction & horror because of the elements that Kelly and Dekker used to try to save her. They are not mad doctor's like Karloff or Lugosi or Price, but doctors who experiment with wild animals in an effort to find cures for humans. Blanchard doesn't start off as one-dimensional evil, but it is very apparent that the film is saying that you shouldn't mess around with science when it comes to a person's soul. This film is fun to watch for Blanchard's over the top performance and character actress Marie Blake (billed here as Blossom Rock) who gets a few good zingers in. Other than that, it is completely preposterous but one you can watch and have a good time laughing at.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

Lost Classic?

They created an inhuman being who destroyed everything she touched! The woman they could not kill!

This film was written, produced and directed by Kurt Neumann, best known for "The Fly" (one of his next features). He was also allegedly considered for the director's chair on "The Bride of Frankenstein", though I must say I am glad James Whale got the job.

Worth noting is that the source material came from Milwaukee native Stanley Grauman Weinbaum, who sadly died at age 33 and never saw his work brought to the screen. Weinbaum, though not well known today, was influential in the 1930s and H. P. Lovecraft praised his work.

While all of the film is quite good, the best part is probably the awesome sequence of a car driving off a cliff... no dummies were killed in the making of the movie!

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