She Remembers, He Forgets


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
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Reviewed by parkerlau 10 / 10

It is a story about Dream and Choice

It was a film about Choice. There was once a guy come across your life, you two are so close and you think he is almost the Mr. Right. However, there is another choice and you think is even better, so you didn't choose this guy finally. And he generally fades out from your life.

And after years, you face many difficulties in life. And somehow you will think if I choose him rather than the current one. Will my life would have any different? Or did my original choice correct? This was the main theme of the movie.

I know this plot is the very old school, but the key point is how you can present it. We all know Steven Spielberg is the best in telling stories, Adam Wong is a "new" director, in his 40, it is his 2nd movie. Hong Kong is struggling after 1997 and so for the local Movie Industry. The Movie annual production drops from 300+ in the 1990s to less than 50 in 2014.

The main difficulties for a local movie are there is a huge market, China next door. However the audience and govt requirement, yes if you want to go into China market, you need to pass very harsh rules by the Government which will censor the movie plot/crews/production and nearly every aspect. So for Movie Producer/Director/Actor in Hong Kong struggle in the past 10+ years to find a way to adapt to the China Market. And the result is a disaster and we almost kill the Hong Kong Movie Industry ourselves, with only very few exceptions.

After all these years, two approach seems working, one is to produce very politically-correct / safe movie. Another one is just forget the China market (at least not think it as a primary market) and produce a movie at least can touch and impress the Hong Kong local market first. Try to win the local audience heart and thus aims something bigger.

This is what Adam Wong achieved.

"She remembers, He forgets" is telling a very simple story by heart. The title actually tells the whole story plot and development. FengZhi (played by Miriam Yeung for Adult, and Cecilia So for Young), remembers to an old friend, BoMan So (played by Xiu Hin Wu) after she found her husband ShingWa Pang (played by Jan Lamb for Adult, Yau Hawk Sau for Young) have an affair with a Shanghai Girl.

Then the Story went back 20 years ago, where FengZhi (played by Cecilia So) meets BoMan and ShingWa in High School. They become the good friend and then on an open day, an incident changes the their life completely.

Be frank I didn't write a single Movie review, but after I watch this film. I would like to completely suggest this movie not only for HongKonger but everyone. It contains enough humor and plots that make you smile, and sometimes cries.

In simple words, it touches me. And I hope you will feel the same.

Reviewed by ashingtray 9 / 10

SPOILER (MAYBE) No plot revealed, but an appraisal to the premise and treatment of the movie.

This is a great movie. I wonder why the low IMDb ratings. anyway, IMDb has pretty bad ratings on good Asian films. At least to the Hong Kong ones. Anyway, this so is a good movie.

The story might not be something new or the treatment, but overall, it serves its purpose; to bring human back closer to humanity, environment, knowledge, innovation, and most importantly love and friendship.

Why do I place 'friendship' last to the equation? Because although this movie is about the love relationship of 2 persons, it ends with a high note on 'friendship'.

And 'freedom', in the sense for the (all) HK filmmakers. The China unification and the migration of the people away from Asia. Although this movie has set its weight more towards 'staying' then leaving.

Great heartfelt music too by the way! And not forgetting the art department that has put tons of effort to wow audiences in the big screen of the cinema, which I wish I could turn back time and catch this at the cinema instead of my home TV.

Overall, this is a 110% enjoyable movie that also gave me some teary moments.



Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Defining moment(s)

How does the past defines us? What do our choices set in motion? Yes we do wonder sometimes what would have been if we had chosen a different path, but we can not really tell what would have been. Sometimes we even forget what that one moment was that made us choose and set us on our path. This movie is in the present but deals with the past too.

So the two timelines are there and even though we "know" the outcome, the movie is more than decently told and we get a main character who lives through it all with us. Very fine acting and directing, waving the strands nicely and in a manner that is interesting to watch

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