Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
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Gaia Weiss as Rachel Black
Kate Dickie as Fisher
Greta Scacchi as Glenys Black
Tom Hughes as Eric Black
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vengeance20 2 / 10

Dull As Dirt

So, I seen this a few nights ago as it was a Horror & thought it might be good.

The film follows a young man named Eric Black, who after the death of his unfaithful wife tries to move on & gets a job as a Shepherd on an island in a cottage. But his past starts to haunt him & a supernatural occurrence starts to boils as he spends time in the cottage in complete isolation.

I found the film to be pretty dull, while I know it's mostly centered on a man who is isolated & fighting off demons, real & mentally, but still the film for the first 20 minutes or so was bland & even when it did start to get going the impact was pretty flat & annoying. The pacing & runtime were off also, at 1 hour & 40 minutes, the film could've been 20 minutes shorter & got to the point.

The visuals were creepy/sinister & the atmosphere also was pretty creepy/sinister, so that was good at least. Sadly, those were the only 2 redeeming features.

The ending was weird & not well explained, I mean, the twist was interesting, but it wasn't explained what happened at the end, was it another hallucination or was Eric really cursed in the films universe? It's not really clear. The film itself felt pretty empty & isolated, yes I know the film was centered on a young man fighting away physical & mental demons but still, it makes for pretty dull viewing if there's not a lot to go on.

Overall, it's not a great film. Aside from some creepy/sinister visuals & atmosphere, it was pretty dire for the most part unfortunately.


Reviewed by arthurdaleystrilby 1 / 10

Sheep [email protected]!te

Indescribably bad. No plot, pacing or drama. Kate Dickie phoned in her part, sounding for all the world like a cross between the bored tour guide in The League of Gentlemen tv series and Pat Mustard in the Father Ted episode Speed 3. The lead actor was more wooden than the new forest and was acted off screen by his canine companion who was the only positive in this shambolic mess. If this counts as horror in 2021 count me out. Now, where's my copy of Don't Look Now?.......??

Reviewed by stephen_dines-79394 6 / 10

All alone with thoughts for company

Well you know it's going to be slow as it is based on one man alone on an island so don't go in looking for a high octane thriller. The film itself is well enough made with a lower budget than many get but I have to say that having immersed myself into the solitude of the subject I didn't get any real satisfaction from the ending. I guess many will have their own interpretation on the meaning of it all. Me, I wanted a little more clarity.

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