She's Lost Control



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grantss 3 / 10

Slow and unengaging

Not sure what I was expecting from this film. (I largely watched it because of Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control'). So, as I had no expectations, I can't say I'm disappointed (except that the Joy Division song doesn't feature at all).

The film means well, showing the life of someone whose job it is to help emotionally and socially stunted people open up and embrace intimacy and relationships. Yet, despite the empathy and engagement this should engender it all feels so empty.

I was only mildly engaged by the main character. Everything happens so slowly and with a ho-humness to it. Things do ramp up at the end but even then it doesn't really lead to anything profound or interesting.

Reviewed by Turfseer 5 / 10

Interesting portrait of dour sex surrogate but not enough twists and turns in the plot

I must confess that I'm quite on the fence regarding neophyte director Anja Marqurdt's debut film, "She's Lost Control." I suspect in part she was aiming for some kind of suspense thriller but ends up more with a psychological portrait of a lonely New York Master's Degree candidate in psychology who also happens to work as a sexual surrogate. The protagonist is Ronah (Brooke Bloom) who is supervised by a licensed therapist, Dr. Cassidy. Ronah and Cassidy appear to be quite ethical in dealings with patients but there's something a little cold and controlling about both of them.

Marqurdt attempts to flesh out Ronah by chronicling her life outside her work as a sexual surrogate. It appears that Ronah is not very helpful with her brother who is dealing with their senile mother upstate. She also has been taking hormone injections so she can freeze her eggs, hoping that one day she can have children. What's more a leak in her bathroom leads to trouble from a downstairs neighbor, who eventually names her as a party in a lawsuit. The dour Ronah also maintains a stiff upper lip even as she is receiving mysterious calls from a possible stalker.

Ronah is not quite a sad sack and the controlling nature of her personality is perhaps a cautionary tale for any "professional" who takes their job a little too seriously. Ronah makes it clear that she won't give up on her introverted patient, Johnny, who appears to be a difficult nut to crack. Johnny, an anesthesiologist assistant, refuses to cooperate for the most part in the beginning of the therapy sessions. Meanwhile, Ronah's relationships with a few other patients, appear to be going normally.

We do get an idea that something's not exactly cool with Johnny but it's not until the end when he becomes violent. The problem is that Ronah's patient maneuvers to attempt to get Johnny to open up, drag on and the pacing of the film slows down considerably. There just aren't enough twists and turns in the plot (except for Johnny's meltdown), that will keep an audience interested for an entire movie.

What exactly is Ms. Marqurdt trying to say about Ronah at the end of her journey? Are we supposed to have sympathy for her because she's the victim of a sexual assault? Was it partially her fault because she ignored the signs that something malevolent was about to befall her? Was her "controlling" nature the reason why she ended up as such a lonely character? The ambiguous ending feels unsatisfying and perhaps next time this newbie director will be more explicit in tidying up her denouement.

Reviewed by jonassladen 7 / 10

Nice woman in a difficult situation

Irretrievably we followed the character down a misbegotten path. I enjoyed the movie for what seemed to be an interesting and unusual subject matter. Brooke Bloom's portrayal of Ronah initially felt as realistic as possible for she had become adept with her "professional intimacy", blending the two, a rather fine line to walk. With the best of intentions, her work was to selflessly help her patients. She could maintain this level of intimate disengagement with her other clients but falling for Johnny was an unplanned mistake. She felt she could help him and in her lonely state she mistook his slight progress as a minor breakthrough. When she actually crossed the line and initiated kissing him on the lips, how obvious that she was in too deep.

Unfortunately Johnny had broadcast aggression and his potential for violence from their first meeting. From that beginning and from her sessions with the psychiatrist, it was predictable that a young woman's career of sexual surrogacy in New York would practically require an accompanying bodyguard. Certainly sex workers of all stripes usually have protection nearby.

From Johnny's talk of strangling her all the way to the car ride with her brother; the five stages? The film's ending segments were Ronah's sad reality. Following the misadventures we see muddled up behavior of anger and a near miss, bargaining at the cop shop about how to file abuse charges. (Funny how her neighbor in a breach of friendship felt no qualms levying a suit against Ronah herself). A depressing walk. Leaving the city. Masking her abrasions, and her feelings. Going home to better deal with her other relationships. This we've seen, in life as on screen.

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