She's on Duty

2005 [KOREAN]

Action / Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 939

Keywords:   high school, undercover cop, high school student, criminal investigation

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 7 / 10

Funny and cute

I am a huge fan of Asian cinema, and this Korean movie is worth a watch.

The story of a police officer having to go undercover in a school, and no one really wonders about her age? Yeah, already there is the first laugh.

The dialogue is good and funny, the scenes are well put together, and the movie works well all throughout. And the characters are well portrayed and have that sparkling on-screen chemistry going on.

The lead women, Seon-a Kim does a marvelous job in her role as the undercover police woman.

However, if you are unfamiliar with Asian cinema, you should know that many things in these movies are fairly extreme and out there, so you should approach this movie with the intention of being entertained and not having to think too much about what is going on.

It is a movie that you will pick up again later and watch it for a second time. It has good entertainment value, and could use a sequel for sure.

Reviewed by shinnosuke 8 / 10

I loved it

It just amazes that people critique a film as though they were film critics and such connoisseurs. When I pay money to see a movie, it's an investment of time for me. Then the questions that arises are; was it entertaining, was I able to escape from reality, and did I feel like it was worth my money, waste of my money or just ehhh? This movie fulfills 2 out of the 3 criteria. It was entertaining and I was able to suspend my disbelief for the duration of the movie. I loved the gym teacher, I loved her commanding officer and I loved Kim Seona.

I loved how this movie subtly teaches what goes around comes around. She beats up the high school bullies then the PE teacher disciplines her. I love the relationships in the movie. I won't go into much details of the movie, but it wasn't a waste of money nor was it a more than my money's worth. But if you want to watch a movie that allows you to escape for a coupla hours and be entertained, this is the movie for a nice Friday or Saturday night snuggle with the significant other.

Reviewed by ulrho 6 / 10

Okay to watch, but not a first choice...

This movie seems more like a pilot episode for a TV-show than a regular film, although I don't know weather or not this is actually the case. The story is not that complicated and the telling of it offers no surprises. The actors generally do a good job, but the only one who stands out is Kong Yu as Kang No-Young who was thankfully given a more understated roll than the leading actress Kim Seon-a (as Chun Jae-in). Perhaps it is simply the contrast of his character against the rest of the film, but something about him caught attention (and I'm not talking about his good looks, although there certainly is no lack of that either) and held it in every scene. Given the chance I would definitely watch him in another movie.

This is a movie to watch when you are in the mood for something light and easily chewed, and you really, really don't feel too analytical or criticizing... It does have some darker sides to it, but nothing that will spoil the general cheerfulness. If this came on TV (fat chance... *SIGH*) I'd watch it again, but I wouldn't spend money on it - nor would I recommend anyone else to do so.

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