Shiva Baby



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Molly Gordon as Maya
Fred Melamed as Joel
Polly Draper as Debbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roger-99-171599 7 / 10

Out of control girl !!!

Tensions rise and social classes crash during a Jewish funeral in this impressive satire about capitalism, faith, family values, betrayal and secret sex-services, brilliantly conducted by director Emma Seligman. Making her feature directorial debut, she proves to be a filmmaker to watch. Masterly crafted, irreverent and chilling, it centers on the conflicts surging during such grieving reunion in New York, seen through a young college student who comes to term with her married sugar-daddy, and her lesbian lover, while scrambling herself around trying to hide her double life from her parents. Delivering witty humor and sharp commentaries on society behavior, it's an absorbing and unashamed moral tale.

Reviewed by chong_an 7 / 10

If you like to see a liar squirm

Danielle is lying to everyone, including her parents about her academic pursuits, current part-time job (babysitting, when she is having sex for money), and future plans. Fresh off a rendevous with a client, she joins her parents for a shiva. Packed with members of New York Jewish community, she has to deflect questions from the inquisitive and gossipy ladies. Also there is her former girlfriend, accepted into law school, something her parents would have wanted for her. Then her client shows up, followed by his wife and baby. As Danielle tries to square her various stories, there is even a In the Mood for Love moment with matching bracelets.

Reviewed by mrfidget123 8 / 10

A comedy version of "Krisha" - surprisingly strong

This movie definitely exceeded my expectations. If you enjoyed Trey Edward Schultz's "Krisha", and you want another story of a woman at a family gathering with an atmosphere of uncomfortable tension punctuated by a low-key score, but as a comedy, you'll probably really enjoy this movie.

Maintaining a strong sense of energy/tension/discomfort/hilarity for a whole movie IS VERY VERY DIFFICULT and VERY IMPRESSIVE.

From the perspective of the protagonist Danielle everyone else seems to have their lives figured out and her refusal to be honest about her uncertainty of where her life is going leads to plenty of awkward miscommunication and amusing moments. The performers' delivery of the script is great, which is a huge relief, because great scripts, particularly for comedies, can fall flat if the delivery isn't perfectly in-sync with the screenwriter's intent. Plenty of indie comedies with decent scripts lack convincing dialogue delivery.

The tension builds along with the intensity of the score and the suffocating way the shots are composed. The grinning faces of Danielle's elderly relatives are occasionally framed in a way that they appear comically menacing.

I'm always looking for good comedies, which can be hard to come by. This is sincerely the best comedy movie of 2020. EXCELLENT JOB EMMA SELIGMAN I AM NOW A FAN!

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