Shoot to Marry


Comedy / Documentary / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by graceunderwood 9 / 10

This movie is my life...

I lived a version of this movie.... complete with the engagement that got called off (though my engagement lasted longer than 24 hours). "Shoot to Marry" really captures how hard it is to find love again (and to love yourself again) after getting your heart broken. In a sense this film was hard to watch... brought back memories... but I loved every minute of it and got me thinking about my own choices during that time of my life. I recommend this indie doc to pretty much anyone who's ever had their heart broken. "Shoot To Marry" gets it right... super relatable and very funny and full of heart.

Reviewed by danaluken 10 / 10

Shoot To Marry is touching and honest.

Steve Markle's new documentary Shoot To Marry is a winner. Markle, who chased stardom in his first doc Camp Hollywood, now chases another elusive dream: lasting love. Disillusioned after a failed marriage proposal, Markle grabs his camera and sets out to learn about relationships from female subjects. He's also hoping to find romance along the way.

Markle's journey takes him from L.A. to New York to Boston to Toronto filming with an impressive range of women from a firefighter to an escort turned spiritual healer. In his desperate attempt to find love, Markle is willing to put himself in uncomfortable situations. He films in a sex club and joins a women's workshop called Unleash Your Inner Geisha.

Along the way, Markle learns a thing or two and mends his broken heart. But the question remains: Will he find his soulmate? Then along comes Erin, a writer who's been dating men for the free dinners and writing about them in her blog. The two hit it off but Erin feels weird about their age gap - there's eighteen years between them.

This doc is special. Markle is openhearted and his offbeat film is uncannily relatable. Shoot To Marry is touching and honest and it's just about one of the funniest documentaries I've seen. Markle comes up against rejection in dating, but his doc is a winner.

Reviewed by katelbeaumont 10 / 10


A forty-ish guy named Steve exchanges Christmas gifts with his long-time girlfriend, sings her a song and proposes. She says yes, followed by what Steve describes to his therapist as a total meltdown. Christmas is over. So is their relationship. In the years that follow, Steve documents his relentless quest to find new love, getting relationship advice from his parents, therapist, and incredible women he meets along the way. Steve is genuine and likeable and brutally honest. My husband and I watched this doc together. We cringed a few times watching Steve stumble on his quest for everlasting love - but never stopped rooting for the guy.

Shoot To Marry is a wonderful doc that will resonate with anyone who knows the pain of loneliness. My husband and I were taken by Steve's humor and vulnerability, and by the end we found ourselves moved to tears.

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