Shout at the Devil


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 2433

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Roger Moore as Sebastian Oldsmith
Lee Marvin as Colonel Flynn O'Flynn
Ian Holm as Mohammed, O'Flynn's Mute Servant
Barbara Parkins as Rosa O'Flynn / Oldsmith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 7 / 10

A must for Lee Marvin fans.

This rollicking, exotic adventure is one that happens to be inspired by a true story. It gets some mileage out of the teaming of Lee Marvin and Sir Roger Moore, who for a while are at each others' throats. It does go on for an awful long time, and have silly digressions, but that should be no problem for patient viewers who don't mind a film that takes its time telling a story. There is a good portion of the running time with strong comic overtones, until politics and the reality of war rear their ugly head. Then our ne'er-do-well main character must take on a mission for reasons that aren't purely selfish.

Marvin plays rascally American ivory poacher Flynn O'Flynn in the African country of Zanzibar in 1913. He makes the acquaintance of "young" Englishman Sebastian Oldsmith (Moore, who was in his late 40s during filming, but looks good regardless). Oldsmith is stranded in Zanzibar because his property is stolen from a hotel and he is now unable to sail to Australia, which was his plan. He becomes O'Flynns' sidekick, and joins in as the jovial scoundrel makes constant battles with German commissioner Herman Fleischer (Reinhard Kolldehoff). Eventually they will take part in a daring plan to destroy a German vessel docked for repairs in Zanzibar.

The filmmakers, led by director Peter R. Hunt ("Death Hunt"), are quick to remind viewers that they made no move to actually harm animals (there are disclaimers at both the beginning and the end of the film), in case any animal lovers watching get squeamish during some scenes. They deliver a fairly engrossing and rousing action / comedy /drama that really comes to life through the chemistry between Marvin and Sir Roger. Marvin has never been quite this hammy, to the best of this viewers' recollection, and that includes his Oscar winning comedic performance in "Cat Ballou". Still, he's quite watchable, as is the lovely Barbara Parkins ("Valley of the Dolls") as Marvins' daughter and a strong supporting cast also including Karl Michael Vogler, Horst Janson, Maurice Denham, Murray Melvin, and George Coulouris. The real scene stealer for much of the two hour 30 minute run time is Ian Holm, cast as O'Flynns' mute associate Mohammed. The snarling Kolldehoff makes for an effective bad guy.

The music by Maurice Jarre is good, as is the use of eye catching African locations and the expansive widescreen photography. All in all, this is a somewhat predictable but pleasing diversion.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Splendidly old-fashioned adventure from the pen of Wilbur Smith

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL is the splendid adaptation of the splendid Wilbur Smith novel about a British gent and an American poacher who take on the might of the German Empire in Africa in the First World War. As expected given the source material, it's an exotic and action-packed adventure yarn, delightfully old fashioned with it.

The film wins plenty of kudos for the central pairing of Roger Moore and Lee Marvin, two larger-than-life actors who make for a great combination. Moore plays a slightly more serious riff on his usual persona, while Marvin is all swagger and drunken behaviour. The film wisely uses their potential for comedy by pairing them in lots of hilarious scenes, not least the never-ending fist fight.

Of course, there's a serious story buried in here too, along with one or two devastating plot twists that only Smith could have come up with. Reinhard Kolldehoff is a thoroughly despicable villain, both pompous and cruel, and the countdown-timer denouement is as exciting as it was when I read the book years ago.

If you like films that celebrate good, old-fashioned derring do, Dutch courage and thoroughly caddish behaviour, then you'll be sure to enjoy this one too.

Reviewed by Jeff ( 7 / 10

3.5 out of 5 action rating

See it- This superb actioner is very light-hearted, but packs quite a punch. Adventure meets war when hunters in Africa run into Germans during World War I. This underrated film starring Lee Marvin and Roger Moore has a recipe with just the right blend of comedy and action. But its Marvin who offers the lions share of the hilarity in the first half of the movie. The second half of the movie is much more serious, as the two main characters volunteer to go on a dangerous mission with the objective of blowing up a German battleship docked for repairs. To those who don't like this movie, I say, in the words of Lee Marvin, "See you in a minute…We'll shout at the devil together!" 3.5 action rating

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