Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GrammarMatters 9 / 10

The best documentary I've ever seen !

I LOVE this movie ! It is amazing.

If you get a chance to see it - don't miss the opportunity ! It's playing on HBO these days. (Thank you HBO for the courage to show such a controversial documentary.) Why is this movie controversial ? Because it is SO political. It is probably about the most political movie you will ever see.

I think this single movie may do more to change your view of the world than any other movie you've ever seen.

The director of this movie - Liz Garbus - gives us an incredible portrait of her father - the courageous fighter for free speech - Martin Garbus. I can't imagine any child ever creating a more powerful tribute to their parent.

I watch this movie and I LOVE this guy. He is a true hero.

In the age of spreading fear by the government and unprecedented attacks on free speech by the Bush mob - this movie yells "Stop !" "Think." "Let's look at things from an unpopular point of view." I can't describe just how incredible this movie is. But you may hate it if it threatens your deeply held (but unquestioned) beliefs.

This movie is highly, highly political. You will love it or hate it.

I thank Liz Garbus for introducing me to her lovely father.

He is truly a beautiful man.

Reviewed by TristramShandy 6 / 10

74 minutes can't really do the subject justice

It's a very important topic and a very interesting one, but at 74 minutes in length, this is too rushed and scattered to be a great documentary. Really any one of about ten different threads in the documentary could be teased out for a more thorough documentary by itself (I'd love to see one connected to academia and the first amendment, for example). As such, it comes off more as a good appetizer than a fulfilling meal.

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