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James Lew as Hit Man
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Seidy Lopez as Gina
Billy Blanks as Billy Grant
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Reviewed by w_brandon_stine 5 / 10

I went to that high school!!!

I'm only here cuz my step-dad told me about a movie that was shot at PV high school where I graduated in 94 and I never heard of a movie being shot there. So I did some research and here it is!!! Too funny! I actually went there for my freshmen year, then they shut the school down for construction for two years and moved us to the new school, then we got to come back to the original "PV" for our senior year. So apparently they shot this movie while we were at the other school. Why the hell didn't I ever hear about this??? You would've thought everyone who lives near there would've been talking about this. Oh wait I know why....cuz it's a low budget straight-to-video B movie! LOL!!! Now I HAVE to see it!!! Bring back some memories! Peace out!

Reviewed by lucifer_over_tinseltown 9 / 10

I wish I went to this high school!

Instead I was stuck going to an all boys catholic school. It was hell down there. There was lots of bullying and no custodial engineer with a tai-bo background to teach us how to fight back against bully classmates and evil senseis with janitorial supplies as our primary weapons. In a strange way, I'm glad I was bullied some, as it taught me resilience. This movie has fun and unintentional humor in places most movies don't even have places. I'm glad Billy refrained from yelling JESUS CHRIST after performing his tai-bo moves here. He tends to do this on other videos and it often lands me in a trigger-trap. He goes light on the cheese in this one. The kid that plays the bullied party, Ken, reminds me of the great NFL QB Steve Young. The dude that plays sadistic sensei Lee and beats the tar out of any kid dumb enough to step foot into his dojo is very convincing in his unmitigated evil. He has a very sinister-looking countenance. His head looks quite like a bullet. Great job by casting. I named one of my cats after him. I dig the anti-intellectualism of this flick. Time out of mind. It has become a guilty pleasure go to for me. Like Road House, it makes me feel tough in a vicarious sense. And boy do I wish I went to that high school!

Reviewed by Alwehr 7 / 10

Draw the line

I have to agree with most of the comments in here.

This movie IS cheesy, bad, cliché and VERY Karate Kid'ish.

That being said, i've had this film on my shelves since 1996 and might have watched it more than 10 times. So it must contain SOMETHING watchable, to the point of good, in it.

Well, i guess every critics has got something different out of it. And that's a quality right there. even though it's a rather bad movie, it still may manage to reach something inside of you.

For being a big Billy Blanks fan and a HUGE martial arts fan, there was disappointingly less fights and even less good choreography. But still i've been seeing it again and again. Why? To be totally blunt. The story is entertaining from beginning to end and the most characters are actually likable. And the characters who aren't are actually quite good (Especially Ken McLeod as the asshole boyfriend Tom is terrific).

But the thing about'"Showdown" that i'm most fond of, is the soundtrack/training song "Draw the line". I just can't get tired of that song and it's been driving me insane that it's impossible to find either the band that has performed it or the soundtrack anywhere!!! :o(

Can anyone help?

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