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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by armineharmineharmineh 10 / 10

In love with this film

I was mind blown from beginning, when Lovell Milo is introduced, to the very end. I had no idea what I was about to see. I had no expectation when I walked through the doors of the movie theater, at the film festival in Los Angeles. I walked out completely blown away by the synopsis of the story of a man that wakes up at a different age in his life. He can be 26 one day and be 40 years old the next. During the movie he tries to figure out how and why this was happening to him. I was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole film trying to figure it out for him. I could not stop talking about it. Kurt Kuenne made this original story into a beautiful art piece. The actors were brilliant. TJ did a wonderful job captivating the audience and making me feel for his situation. I will watch Shuffle again and again. You have to watch this movie and share this with others because it really has a good message in between it all. You will never forget this film and you definitely will not regret it. Kurt did a wonderful job with writing a breathtaking script and bringing it to life.

Reviewed by iforgot17125 9 / 10

OMG! Surprisingly riveting!

Okay, direct to DVD's are usually unoriginal, badly cast, and have lazy performances. This had none of those problems. It had three actors from the show Bones, which usually is terrible when TV actors do a movie between the break, but they were all enjoyable, especially Ty Thyne. Newcomers like Paula Rhodes were excellent, and I felt like the story was beautiful. Despite bad production values you never want to leave the screen. This captures you in ways most films forget to do: story, characters, humor, heartbreak, and balances them so well. While I don't like most dramas for trying too hard this film never seems to force emotion out of you, you give it freely. My only complaint is the lighting department gave it a strange look, and the cameras were bad. Other than that, the film making is surprisingly spot on, check it out, it's on Netflix.

Reviewed by Mark_Stone 9 / 10

Modernized version of "It's a Wonderful Life".

When I first loaded up this movie via Netflix, the description had me thinking I was getting another time-traveling thriller mystery. Boy, am I glad I was wrong.

For those who say this movie had too much of a "sappy" ending, the female lead was STILL his _true_ love. She started the circle of the lead character's life, it was only right that she be there at the "end' of the circle.

If you go into this wanting wild science fiction time traveling... you need to find a different title. If you want a GREAT story, with a fantastic beginning, middle, AND end, this movie is a must see, and the B&W and color scenes mixed in, made it nearly perfect.

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