Siberia and Him

2019 [RUSSIAN]


IMDb Rating 5.8 10 321

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jromanbaker 10 / 10

Why ?

In the middle of this amazing film there is a cry from a man who has gone beyond his limits of endurance. I watched this the day we, the world should think of homophobia and I wept watching what was happening on the screen. Somewhere in Siberia in that beautiful, terrifyingly alone landscape two men are travelling. They are lovers and what happens to both of them should be shown everywhere; in schools, in cinemas. The only other review mentions ' Brokeback Mountain '. America has places of retreat from homophobia, but in Russia ? The cry of why is because of Russia and all homophobic countries where it is normal to destroy the human heart. The acting is beyond praise. It just is and there are many moments in the film where it becomes so painful to watch I questioned where they got the resources to play their parts. It is that real that they surpass acting itself. I could call it a masterpiece, a great film. Those are clichés I will not use. I could say that it reminded me of the best of Russian cinema and evoke Tarkovsky and Sokurov. It is on its own and it is clear and painful, and so full of the right to love that it makes me want to scream against an unjust world. Especially for those who live in their own Siberia and can find no way out.

Reviewed by laduqesa 8 / 10

Depressing but never boring

Once more we are reminded of how fortunate we are in most "liberal" democracies. Two stunningly shocking scenes occur in the first fifteen minutes of this film to set the tone of oppression and repression.

Two men, secret lovers, go on a trip through Siberia to visit a sick relative. The scenery, while wild and beautiful, does nothing to lessen the pervasive sense of doom of the film - it festers with ruined villages, depopulated industrial units, half-witted villagers too deprived to have moved, widows eking out an existence. It's a metaphor for the poison that has been instilled into the minds of these two men. What they have is beautiful like the landscape, but it is riddled with decay and hopelessness.

The denouement, when it comes, is shocking in its suddenness. The epilogue to this is just as dreadfully hard to watch.

I was riveted throughout. The dialogue was to the point, alien to someone brought up in the milieu of cosmopolitan London despite homosexuality being forbidden during my formative years, but atrociously fascinating. The persecution shown in this film was of a different order from what went on in my youth. We had the swinging sixties, at least. Here in Siberia there is no relief even in an escape to a big city.

I certainly recommend this film.

Reviewed by akira-hideyo 8 / 10

The Walking Dead

Literally, it's as good as being a zombie if 2 men dare fall on love in soulless Russia. Heartache to see something so basic, so natural, so precious, as in like breathing, can have its life sucked out of one's full existence for just being one's true self. Vacuum land of doom.

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