Side Effect

2020 [RUSSIAN]

Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 178

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Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 10 / 10

Mara's mushrooms.

Taking a peak at the details for the films in the line-up after buying a pass for the online Grimmfest film festival, the description of this being a Russian Horror inspired by the supernatural movies of 1970's Italian cinema made the title sound very enticing,leading to me excitingly running to meet Mara.

Note:Review contains some plot details.

View on the film:

Greeting Mara with a crash-zoom, writer/ debut director Aleksey Kazakov & cinematographer Evgeny Kozlov conjure up a dazzling, ultra-stylised surreal Horror atmosphere of rapid-fire zoom-ins and arcs, elegant tracking shots,and blossoming dissolves over Olga coming under Mara's spell.

Wiping away the traumatic memory from Olga, Kazakov paints the blanc canvas with mesmerising, glittering colours,as the candle-wax red, greens and yellow bursts to a over-saturated pulp, reflected the scrambled nature of Olga and Andrey's minds.

Twisting the fairy tale set-up with Andrey (played with a great anxious grit by Semyon Serzin) going to meet witch Mara in order to cure Olga, the screenplay by Kazakov makes the cure worse than the disease, with a tasty dream-logic meltdown of Andrey questioning everything he sees from the corner of his eyes,as the grief he and Olga suffered,casts a spell on the original grief that has haunted Mara.

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