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Heidi Van Horne as Classmate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by houseofjames 6 / 10

Good, undemanding fun for Norris fans

Sidekicks is a pretty entertaining little film about a young, asthmatic boy who, in his imagination, is the sidekick to his hero, Chuck Norris. Barry, the kid (Brandis) is taught martial arts by his teacher's uncle (Mako). The story culminates with an exciting martial arts exhibition where Barry meets his idol, Chuck Norris, who agrees to help the boy in the competition.

A wish-fullfilment movie in the juvenile sense. Although Chuck has definitely had his day, the idea of meeting and being helped by your fantasy hero, is good fodder for a kids film like this. Some people will probably quibble at the occasional silliness (Richard Moll's ridiculous gym teacher, and Piscopo's over-the-top bad guy karate teacher, to name a few), as well as the obvious self-promotion for Chuck Norris, but I think that the fantasy of the film will work itself over it's intended audience, who should enjoy this little treat of a movie.

Reviewed by Fireyforce 10 / 10

A decade of inspiration that never got old.

This was the first Chuck Norris movie I ever saw and it hooked me to his career. This light hearted movie is perfect for people of all ages and can be seen again and again. It really stresses the important values of martial arts training and the stereotypes surrounding them when comparing Lee's (Mako) and Stone's techniques. This is a great family movie and one that I have recommended to family and friends for over a decade. The cast for this movie could not have been chosen better if Aaron and Chuck had tried. In many ways the actors are able to pull the viewers back in time to when they were in high school and remember what it was like. You can relate to these characters which only makes this film better. Again I would recommend this movie to anyone five and up.

Reviewed by mm-39 7 / 10

This film is funny

Joe however you spell his last name is funny. I mean real funny. I love the part where he plays these fantasy bad guys. The best part is where he makes a fool out of himself when he fights Chuck in a tournament. The other part I get a laugh out of is the biker and the hot Chinese soup. Well the rest, of it is a bit sappy, but oh well.

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