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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t_atzmueller 9 / 10

Sometimes less is more: Nasty but special little Thriller

Like most people, I ran across this film with the wrong expectations. In Germany, "Self Defense" was marketed under the name "New York 1991", possibly due to the fact that most Germans had no idea where Nova Scotia was in the first place, but certainly with the intention of buying into the near-future-thriller-fad of the time ("Escape from New York", "Class of 1984"). This is what I expected but this isn't what I got: So, it's the near future: the police-force in some big city is on strike and posses of self-appointed vigilantes roam the streets. Presumably as it would happen in our modern times, their first target is a gay club, where they off the patrons executioner style. One person is able to escape and finds refuge in a household consisting of handicapped residents and lovable weirdos, who become the next target of the vigilantes. The supposed "victims" must now kill or be killed.

Despite having been filmed on a shoestring budget, the film has more atmosphere than your average Hollywood thriller. That's partly due to the claustrophobic settings, decaying buildings and dark alleyways but mainly it's the chemistry between the actors that makes this film so enjoyable.

Special credit should go to Doug Lennox, who plays Cabe, the ice-cold leader of the vigilantes. His stern, chiselled features can give you the creeps, spelling out mayhem and doom for all crossing his path. Once seen, never forgotten – at least, when I saw him as bartender in "X-Men" ("are you gonna order something or will you stick with water?"), I found myself muttering, "hey, that's Cabe! Long time no see, you vicious b***rd").

The killing of various characters – be they good guys or bad guys – is generally rather harsh and imaginative. By imaginative, I don't mean "Saw"-imaginative or overly gory but rather often painfully realistic. Indeed, not only does the realistic approach makes us feel for the good guys even more but by showing destruction of human life in such cold, realistic fashion, doesn't glorify death, unlike your typical Sly n' Arnie actioners.

Highly recommendable for fans of hard action who have no need for big names or big explosions and a small classic in it's own right.

Reviewed by twalloee 8 / 10

Siege.. I sure want to see this movie again...

Well, I saw Siege on VHS in the early 80's, and I still remember this movie, so I would like to see it once more. Can anybody help me here?

I used to have this on VHS from England, and I think it was uncut, There was quite some blood in this movie. The story about an strike in Halifax police district, makes some bad cops(spoilers)we get the answer in the end. Take care of some people that are hiding an possible eye witness. So a gang of Police officers take the chance to wipe out this witness and her friends. lots of suspense and blood here. I highly recommend it- Please help me if you have any info on this movie is available on DVD.

Terje W.

I gave it an 8, (memory have seen it at least 20 times)

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Neat little thriller

After the police go on strike, a nasty gang of despicable hoodlums decide to terrorize the patrons of a gay bar. The bar owner accidentally gets killed, so the gang kill all the witnesses except for Daniel (a solid performance by Terry-David Despres) who manages to escape and seeks refuge in an isolated apartment building. Fortunately, several residents of the apartment building agree to protect Daniel from the gang which proceeds to lay siege to the place.

Directors Paul Donovan and Maura O'Connell relate the gripping story at a constant pace, maintain an appropriately tough'n'gritty take-no-prisoners tone throughout, and generate a good deal of nerve-rattling tension. Moreover, the stark stripped-down simplicity of style used by the filmmakers gives this picture an extra chilling and realistic edge as well as a certain raw immediacy.

The sound acting by the game no-name cast helps a lot: Tom Nardini as noble nice guy Horatio, Brenda Bazinet as the feisty Barbara, Daryl Haney as the resourceful Chester, Jack Blum as the nerdy Patrick, and Keith Knight as the ill-fated Steve. In addition, the villains are truly mean and detestable, with Jeff Pustil as the hateful Goose and Doug Lennox as ruthless ringleader Cabe rating as particular stand-outs. The moments of brutal violence pack a jolting punch. Nicely unsettling final freeze frame, too. An on the money 80's exploitation winner.

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