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I. Stanford Jolley as Snake Willens
John Doucette as Jed Coulter
Burl Ives as Lonesome
Roy Roberts as Sheriff Knudsen

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Reviewed by fleurfairy 8 / 10

Solid Murphy film with great supporting cast

I'm always fascinated by a movie star's early work and even more so with Audie Murphy because this was just 5 years after his heroics in WWII. It's amazing to think how much transition this young man went through in only a handful of years. Murphy is a natural fit for Westerns with his quiet manner and brooding looks. Sierra is not often shown on television, but if you have the chance to catch it, you won't be disappointed. I'd say watch for Burl Ives alone, because his voice was timeless. Such beautiful simple little Western melodies are peppered throughout the film. What's also unique about Sierra is that Murphy is costarred by his then-wife Wanda Hendrix. Their marriage didn't last long, but their chemistry is very obvious. And keep your eyes peeled for a young Anthony "Tony" Curtis as a Coulter gang member.

Reviewed by cacorbett 7 / 10

Outstanding Color Western

This lesser known Western film features WWII hero Audie Murphy as a young Mountain dweller on the hideout for years with his Dad , played by the great Dean Jagger. As Murphy is forced to confront Horse Thieves and Town crooks, he demonstrates once again that fierce toughness we so often see in all his roles.

The great Burl Ives is terrific as a singing troubadour friend of Murphy. The outdoor cinematography is stunningly beautiful and we are also treated to early screen appearances by young Tony Curtis and James Arness as two rough and tumble bad guys. Lotsa action and cool dialogue.

The storyline is solid, though a little familiar. An enjoyable film and a treat for those fortunate enough to see this rarely shown film !!

Reviewed by FightingWesterner 8 / 10

Audie Murphy Defiant

Audie Murphy and his aging, fugitive father Dean Jagger, live deep in the mountains, away from trouble. A chance encounter with lost lady lawyer Wanda Hendrix and a serious injury to Jagger sends Audie to town for the first time since he was a small boy, where he finds trouble with the law.

Striking locations, good photography, and a well-plotted story combine to make a fairly entertaining movie. Action scenes are handled quite nicely as well, especially the climax, involving a stampeding of hundreds of horses, back and forth between the good guys and the bad! The only problem with the movie is that the ending (satisfying as it was) is just a little too convenient.

An interesting cast includes Burl Ives as a singing mountain man and early performances from Tony Curtis and James Arness as brothers and part of an outlaw family hiding on Audie and Jagger's mountain

Meanwhile, Audie plays pretty much the same type of character you always see (and love to see) him playing, that of a young, angry, brooding, misunderstood young man, real-life traits, shaped by his service in World War II, that Hollywood seized upon and interestingly enough, inspired writer David Morrell to create the character of Rambo, a piece of trivia that makes seeing Audie elude a posse in the mountains all the more interesting.

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