Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 8 10 848

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Eric Mabius as Oliver O'Toole
Kristin Booth as Shane McInerney
Gregory Harrison as Joe O'Toole
Emilie Ullerup as Dale Travers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 10 / 10

Strong religious content

If you are prejudiced against religious messages in movies, then please either open your heart, or don't watch this movie at all. If you do watch it, then please don't criticize it maliciously solely because it has a religious message.

Oliver talks a lot about providence and specifically says that the dead letters they get for delivering are meant for them to deliver implying a higher power. There are several times when people pray. Dale, who is religious, says at one point that she doesn't pray to change God, but to change herself. At a funeral for a coworker, Oliver talks about the deceased saying that her passport to the kingdom of God is valid and permanent. He also invites the mourners to ask themselves if they are ready for that journey. The movie as a whole is a strong religious message, which is far beyond anything I've seen in 4 other movies in this series. I also think that the religious message is delivered mostly by the circumstances and peoples' reactions to them. It is on a very fine line between being obnoxiously preachy and not being preachy at all. It does probably lean toward preachy.

I think that the acting, writing, and production are better than that of a lot of the God movies of our era. The actors are experienced. In this episode they are slightly less quirky and nerdy and they are a little more serious than in other episodes, but they still portray people who have a lot of quirks, especially Rita, Norman, and Oliver.

The story of Oliver and Shane's relationship, and the story of Rita and Norman's relationship, both continue to develop in a positive way. There is character growth, especially in Norman.

Reviewed by cgvsluis 7 / 10

Hot pepper in New Mexico, lost in the woods and two partners reunited.

This episode of the postables starts with Oliver being filmed for a postal service advertisement. Oliver is starting to bond with his father and is finally officially going on a date with Shane.

Their mystery to solve in this installment involves a bucket list and t-shirt that were supposed to go to Las Vegas. The combination of the bucket list and the death of a beloved fellow postal worker has the postables questioning some of their life choices.

Sandy is a surprise in this interesting installment of Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

This is another installment in the well loved postables series with our usual tight cast of quirky characters who never leave any stone unturned to deliver their packages!

If you are a fan of the series you will love this installment just as much.

Reviewed by jlthornb51 10 / 10


This episode, Lost Without You, is truly a high point for this lovely, touching series. Superbly written and sensitively directed, this is a subtly spiritual and deeply meaningful story that goes far beyond what is typical of a Hallmark production. Most of the credit for this must be given to one of the finest actors of her generation, Ms. Kristin Booth. Her performance is one you will never forget and it is one of great power and elegance. The conclusion is nothing less than soul moving and Ms. Booth truly shines like a supernova in those final moments. Treat yourself to a stunning acting performance and spend some time with a beautifully realized portrait of a character who only Kristin Booth could play so wondrously.

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