Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream



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Eric Mabius as Oliver O'Toole
Kristin Booth as Shane McInerney
Mark Valley as Steve Marek

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 9 / 10

Great screen chemistry between Eric Mabius and Kristin Booth

What's not to like? The story line was excellent. The entire cast especially the four lead characters, Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson each with their own unique and quirky personality that adds significant depth to not only this particular made for TV movie, but to the television series. Additionally, the special guest stars such as Mark Valley, Zak Santiago, William B. Davis (Mr. Cancer from the X-Files), and Tammy Gillis make this once in a lifetime film both joyful and heart breaking.

Ms. Shullivan and I like the concept of this force of four (4) special post office agents whose job it is to find the desired owners of a letter that is not clearly addressed through the U.S. postal system. Each story in this series is a stand alone story and I give the highest praise to both the writers and editors who have to contain these special stories within a 45-90 minute time line.

We laughed, we cried, and we were truly inspired. As I said.... "what's not to like?" I give this episode a rewarding 9 out of 10 score. Keep up the great work! We want to see more and more of this series.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 10 / 10

Sappy, patriotic and a subtle hint of faith

Don't bother to watch this if you are don't like at least the first two.

And they are the classic Postables. Quirky, funny, and intelligent with deep heartfelt values.

The movie brilliantly uses a couple of rousing songs, one evoking a heroic feeling and the other a patriotic one, to accent critical moments in the underlying drama.

My title refers to a subtle hint of faith. "The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and is safe." This is one of the clues but also the root of Oliver's faith and more importantly Randilyn's as well. Another subtle moment, but deeply touching as well, Randilyn looks upward symbolically to the source of that faith as she hugs her daughter. This is not some athlete's showy finger pointing, but for this woman it is true gratitude.

Kudo's to Megan Charpentier in that scene also. I really felt Phoebe's heartfelt "Mom" with a touch of hoarseness that reflected the depth or her emotion. Likewise the tears were real as well.

I could really believe that the Chairwoman would not honor "no soldier left behind". Unfortunately the patriotism evoked by this movie is hard to find in our political system today. Oliver, his team, and Steve are dinosaurs.

Reviewed by Stephen_A_Abell 8 / 10

Close To Being The Perfect Postables Movie

This movie is the apotheosis of what the series represents. In the film, not only are the issues of hope when things appear blackest are addressed but so are the concepts of sacrifice, love, obsession, and truth above all else. All of this is Signed Sealed Delivered in the usual heartwarming package that leaves you with a warm feeling and thinking that everything is right with the world.

The writers, Matha Williamson (the stories creator) and Brandi Harkonen do another wonderful job as intertwining a myriad of events into an enjoyable show. This is actually a continuation and conclusion of the story from "Truth Be Told" as the Postables are taken before a Closed Senate Committee regarding national security. As they tell their story, in a roundabout fashion of information that's come into their possession concerning the whereabouts of Lieutenant Randilynn Amidon; the missing mother of Pheobe from the last film. Their testimonies are interspersed with scenes of Lieutenant Amidon in Afghanistan. All of this coincides with the Postal Pageant to find the next Miss Special Delivery, in which Rita is enrolled. If this isn't enough then Steve, Shane's old love, is back and helping the team to find the missing Lieutenant.

On the whole, all of this is handled superbly, and I particularly loved the opening titles with the Postables marching side by side into the Committee meeting, the bit with Norman brought a smile to my face and a laugh to my throat. Director Kevin Fair does some nice shots and segues, however, there are some sections which let the film down a little and these are mainly confined to the outdoor Afghanistan scenes. If it weren't for these then I may have given the film a Ten.

The cast once again is impeccable and right on target with their characters and their portrayals. Mark Valley gives off the right sense of power and swarthiness that you can understand what Shane saw in him. Zak Santiago is back as the brilliant Ramon Rodriguez. Christina Bianco is great as Mindy, one of the contestants in the pageant, and boy does she can wail.

Do I recommend watching this movie, I do and strongly. However, because of the characters and their back stories, I think you would get better enjoyment from this movie if you had watched the series and previous movies. It's well worth it.

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