Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made


Comedy / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 8.3 10 557

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Carol Burnett as Ardis Parker-Pennington-Payne
Crystal Lowe as Rita Haywith-Dorman
Eric Mabius as Oliver O'Toole
Gregory Harrison as Joe O'Toole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cgvsluis 8 / 10

Firemen, Leukemia and a long awaited wedding....I cried like a baby!

The Vows We Have Made is the wedding we have all been waiting for in the Signed, Sealed and Delivered Hallmark postables series. It is finally time for Shane and Oliver to say their "I do's". Shane's difficult mother comes in to town Earl for the wedding and is surprisingly good with Oliver...who needs just a little help getting through the big day.

The most romantic words someone with abandonment issues can hear...I will never leave you.

I don't know who the writers of this series are, but they really know how to tug on your heart strings! I did a little marathon up to this and forgot how much this series really makes me cry.

There were a lot of wonderful heartfelt Rita and Norman becoming parents in a way that is very Rita and Norman and the postables reuniting a letter...or a hero and a child with Leukemia in a very special way.

This is a beautiful series with wonderful quirky characters filled with both love and amazing amounts of knowledgeable facts. I have been watching since 2014 and I have been waiting anxiously for the wedding of Oliver and Shane. I am thrilled that they brought back beloved characters and that Oliver's dad and Ramon played such a big road leading up to the wedding. Beautiful callbacks for the fans.

If you are a fan of this will love this episode. It is a must see!

I just hope there is going to be more. Please!

Reviewed by gordonb-59587 10 / 10

Television At Its Best

Far and away the best Hallmark show produced. The story, acting, music - all excellent. I have seen many wedding depicted on film, but this was done differently and just oozed romance and love. Big compliments to the writers. Beautiful script.

Reviewed by spikeluvr 10 / 10

This is how you do it

Hallmark, please take note of the great reviews. This is the best Hallmark movie in years. The cast was great, as usual, but the additional characters were also great. The mom was a character that had depth when so many of those type characters are written one dimensionally. The young man in the wheelchair made me cry and I never cry at movies. The narration was inspiring. The plot lines were excellent and they didn't use the standard ploy of the last minute dramatic obstacle. All in all,congratulations are in order at a time when Hallmark has been allowing too many poorly written scripts get filmed. This time they knocked it out of the park.

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