Silent Retreat


Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.5 10 1217

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Trista Robinson as Rita Pulis
Devon Ogden as Lira Tuls
Donny Boaz as Zacry Stabard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manuelasaez 2 / 10

Holy S#It, this movie was just awful. Just embarrassingly awful.

This movie looks like and feels like a crappy porn movie. The acting is stilted and borderline offensive in it's inadequacy (the girl with the fake English accent is horrendous), the director did not seem to know what the hell he was doing, the script comes off as bad fan fiction, and the movie itself is predictable, clichéd and asinine. I mean, what were these people thinking? Did the actors really read this script and tell themselves, "I will be proud to add this to my resume?". If they did, it's no wonder I have never seen anyone act in anything else. Your poor judgment will be detrimental to your careers if you keep taking these skid-marked roles. Learn to say no when a script is garbage. Ask questions and offer insight as to how you can enhance the writer's vision. But, above all else, never work on another project ever again. I have seen porn films with better acting than this movie, and the FEW instances of blood and gore are so few and far between as to make this a XXX feature without any sex, class or creative vision. Just a freaking mess from beginning to end. I offer nothing but vomit for this travesty. May it be forgotten like the cesspool of talent it is.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Creepy pick-up line, porn parody intro and bad Youtube comment rolled into one.

Usually, a horror cast would have one or two rowdy member, but in this "Silent Retreat" almost everyone is rude, offensive and abusive. A couple of characters who seems normal are either too bland or stuck in perpetual frantic expression to look normal as human. This is a shame because it might have some foundation for horror and the production isn't bad, but the constant bickering by obnoxious characters is all this retreat can offer.

A collection of dubious people stay in a cabin for the weekend, and these might just be the most offensive cast. They communicate with profanity, sexual harassment and completely illogical banter. At no point the movie portrays a functional team, let alone actual coworkers. Everyone is the over-the-top version of the most annoying stereotype, which is undoubtedly terrible to watch.

It's barely a horror as any shred of prospect is hidden under juvenile insults and terrible remarks wanting to be seductive talk. The photography involved and a few of the flashbacks are almost looking like they are going somewhere, but instead the characters would wander around aimlessly for nearly the entire movie. It relies on a shocking twist which is not sufficient to say the least.

The only haunting here is the horrendous shouting between the shady characters, and it's actually a pretty horrific experience.

Reviewed by thomasrobbins 1 / 10

OMG - I think this was written by a 15 year old sleazeball who has a chip on his or her shoulder about, well, life.


Horrible writing by an angry, selfish, anti-everybody (especially those of faith) little child who thinks he has something to contribute to sad it hurts. I hope whomever wrote or supported this film is getting some help, or perhaps someday will pick up a book. A car crash that nobody bothers to even look at....yep, that bad...

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