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Reviewed by I_Ailurophile 5 / 10

An engaging idea diminished by excess

Grain entrapment is a dire, deadly, urgent emergency, as illustrated in various films over the years but most of all documented in real life cases. To build a film based simply on that scenario is a curious notion, but the inherent drama is ripe for storytelling possibilities. 'Silo,' such as it is, is a mixed bag.

In the depiction of the entrapment, and the rescue process, the movie feels in large part like a simple dramatization. We see steps undertaken to save the trapped boy, and the way it all becomes a community effort. Disagreements in how best to go about the procedure reflect a disparity of specific knowledge and lack of communication, elements which are undoubtedly real enough. The central narrative thrust is the strength of 'Silo,' and the movie would have greatly benefited from focusing purely on this aspect.

Unfortunately, that's not what we get. A straightforward, plainspoken story of disaster and rescue would have been compelling, without any need for embellishment. Instead we're also presented with glimpses at the lives of all the characters, back story, and the low-down on their various interpersonal histories and conflicts. 'Silo' could have been a low-key, forthright, human interest thriller, but every bit of extra flair, intended to add greater sense of drama, only waters down what the film could have been. That goes for the score, dialogue, superfluous character writing - almost everything beyond the crucial core.

There's really just not much more to say. I didn't have any particular expectations before watching, yet I find myself somewhat flummoxed. I understand the compulsion, the trend of dressing up a story with the idea of making it ever more dramatic and impactful for audiences. But balance is required, and too many features tip the scale to become overwrought. This is one of them. A far less refined cut of no more than half the final runtime would actually have been twice as absorbing. Sometimes less is more.

'Silo' isn't altogether bad, and I do hope other viewers get more out of it than I did. I just wish film-makers would take time to step back and consider what is truly most essential to the tale they want to tell.

Reviewed by Dont_let_govt_divide_us 1 / 10

Boring and slow about an easily preventable problem.

{1/10 stars F} Recommend? No; A boring disaster or catastrophe movie with eye rolling, forced drama, in-fighting and the cliché old farmer with memory problems.

I did not choose to play this movie but watched it anyway. From watching the Millennial Farmer, Larson Farms and other grain farmers on YouTube I knew and understood the importance of training to rescue people from grain bins long before watching this movie. This movie gives no reason to care about who the characters are or what happens to them and no believability or chemistry between the cast. The whole movie has a dark and gloomy feel to it. A better disaster or catastrophe movie worth watching is something like Deepwater Horizon.

Two reasons someone enters a grain bin is to break up crust that formed over the top of grain pile in a bin or to remove a large mass of grain that's stuck to a bin wall. In the movie when the 3 guys go in the top of the bin there's no crust over the corn. When the two guys are on the corn the corn flows freely around them and there is no obvious visible reason for them to even be in the bin which makes the movie even more ridiculous.

At the end of the movie they give a brief statistic that amounts to 1 person dying every month from grain entrapment. After searching and reading about grain entrapment and safety precautions, I attribute the low death rate to proper grain storage and proper safety precautions being taken if someone absolutely has to enter a bin that's holding grain. If you want to read articles about how grain bins work and how to stop entrapment two searches I did are "do grain dryers stop crust from forming" and "stop grain entrapment."

This movie is a waste of time about an easily preventable and almost non-existent problem. Doing road work and utility work amongst road traffic is a lot more dangerous and has far more injuries and deaths than grain entrapment, but there aren't movies about the dangers of road work. When will there be a movie about the dangers of office work? Doing a search for "dangers of office work" and "office injury statistics" you'll find lists of hazards that are just as real as grain entrapment.

CONTENT ADVISORY: A man shown inside a "silo" or grain bin being sucked down into the corn until he disappears and at the end of the movie a body bag is shown being put into a locker in the morgue.

A large part of the movie is spent watching a man sunk into the corn up to his chest and having trouble breathing. He sinks into the corn and has to be dug out by hand and have corn removed from his mouth and CPR performed to revive him. He is later shown in the hospital recovering.

{1=F 2=D- 3=D 4=C- 5=C 6=B- 7=B 8=A- 9=A 10=A+}

Reviewed by gallmann-38827 10 / 10


I've been sceptical, considering the shorter runtime and the seemingly simple story.

Luckily it turned out to be another gem. Great actors, each of them authentic and thus believable and emotionally engaging. Cinematography - perfect! Overall, this movie is so well done, as soon as it ended I watched it a second time immediately. Simply because I enjoyed the acting so much.

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