Silver Woods


Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.7 10 104

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by solidabs 1 / 10


God in heaven. Where did they find this cast. Was is at the Compton Walmart at 2 in the morning?? My God the acting was horrible. I'm using the word acting just as a descriptor, none of these clowns can act. This had to be the most boring movie I've ever seen..

Reviewed by Wanda_E_Pangallo 10 / 10


@ the $18,000. budget. lets see, that covered flights, hotels and snack bar for a week... 10 stars for that fact alone! hehe

Reviewed by tmccull52 1 / 10

You Get What You Pay For.

In all fairness, I should begin by saying that this movie was made on a budget of $18,000. I was surprised that it cost that much.

The acting was atrocious. The casting agent literally must have stood on a street corner somewhere and asked passersby if they wanted to be in a movie. The direction was on par with the acting, and the premise of the movie was worse than either of the former. Even if the movie had been well executed, the plot would have been inane.

The movie centers on five friends who decide to spend the weekend in the woods. Upon arriving at their destination, they are warned to not go into the woods by a forest ranger. Of course, they ignore the ranger's warning, and one by one, they fall prey to the mystery hidden in Silver Woods.

The mystery is this: at some point in the past, through some cosmic or celestial upheaval, seven demons escaped from Hell. The demons were initially elated by their escape, until they discovered that they were mysteriously confined to a section of Silver Woods. An unspecified number of years later, a man and his family wander into this mysteriously confined section of the woods, and their bodies are taken over by the demons. In their new host bodies, the demons leave Silver Woods, with the souls of the man and his family trapped and left behind.

Eventually, a forest ranger strays into the cursed section of woods, and the soul of the trapped man takes over his body. From that point forward, the possessed forest ranger looked for unwitting victims to take into the woods so that the trapped members of his family can take over their bodies, and be freed. His first victim was a writer visiting the area. One of the man's sons takes over the writer's body. That's two down, five to go.

You see, the possessed forest ranger KNEW that the visiting five people would disregard his warning. As each was possessed, they would lure one of the others in so that they, in turn, would be possessed. Of course, as this is a horror film, (and a poor one, at that), the possessed forest ranger's plan works. At the end, he and his freed family leave Silver Woods in the bodies that they usurped from their victims.

Again, this movie only cost $18,000 to make, so how much could one really expect? Do yourself a favor and skip this one. There is literally nothing worthwhile to see here.

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