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Lorraine Bracco as Miss Lombardo
Louise Lasser as Rosie
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Stanley
Jessica Steen as Hannah Gottschalk
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Reviewed by peterh2 10 / 10

Sing was a real event

Have a friend who lives in the Bronx and told me that his daughter had participated in Sing at her high school. As far as I know this is (or was) a real event there. I would love to see this one come out on DVD - Id be the first in line to buy it.

It is hard to find good stories like this one that has a basis in fact and refreshing to know that such events really occurred. I am certain that most of us would be surprised by the talent that can be found in our high schools as is depicted in this film. Music and music programs should be continually encouraged in our schools. It is well known that students who excel in music also excell in academics and that is most definitely a worthwhile cause.

Reviewed by celseren 7 / 10


I'm not ashamed to admit that I love this movie even though it's a bit run down, raw/gritty and has some cringe-worthy 80's dancing not to mention the clothing .. yikes! While preparing for the annual "Sing," talent show; where the seniors compete against the juniors in a musical production; the board of education decides to close the local school & stop the kids from proceeding with their performance. Despite all odds & with the help of their teachers Bracco & LaBelle the students band together with the neighbourhood to hold "Sing" one more time.

While it is completely predictable, when you give into the music and the passion the students & teachers display while they defy the ban on their show, you become hooked.

All the characters are strong, sensitive and ultimately endearing. Peter Dobson (from TV show Lenny) stars as the bad boy turned good after Bracco takes an interest in saving him and technically blackmails him into becoming involved in the production. Dobson & Steen make their "own romance" while being forced to collaborate as the senior leaders. Patti LaBelle can certainly belt out a tune & she does with "Total Concentration" & Cuba Gooding Jr. gives a "knockout" performance! If you like 80's movies and you haven't seen this I would recommended it. The 80's music in the soundtrack is very catchy and while the movie may appear dull in parts the ending is strong. I love the senior class's performance, the choice of song fits perfectly "One more time, SING the song. There's a power in our voices hopeful and strong. Years from now, somewhere down the line, we'll remember and we'll all SING, one more time!"

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 9 / 10

good one about high school students

I like this kind of show. It reminded me a little of the TV series, "Fame". A high school is about to be closed down by the school board, and the students wanted to put on a final 'sing' concert without the consent of the authorities. Problems arose as one of the boys in the show committed a crime with his older brother. This caused friction with another student in the production. Even with all the troubles, the show still managed to go on. Very good semi-musical.

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