Single White Female 2: The Psycho


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 1623

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James Madio as Sam
Kristen Miller as Holly Parker
Brooke Burns as Jan Lambert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mario_c 6 / 10

"There's a moment, just before the end... a moment of clarity, where all it finally seems to make sense".

SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 2: THE PSYCHO is in the same line of the first movie. The plot is similar, the characters are a bit different, settings too, but what really changes is the end and the way the plot gets its final disclosures.

In a certain way I think the first movie is better well done, because the plot flows more naturally and nothing seems to be forced, unlike this sequel, where some scenes seemed to be jumped just to be similar to the first movie (The scene where TESS paints her hair to red. It came out of nowhere - because they didn't almost even relate – just to be close to the first movie. The bar scene either, but here I must say the scene in the sequel was better done). But on the other hand I enjoyed more the answers given to this plot and the open ending this story has.

I must say I appreciated this kind of philosophical speech about the act of dying told by TESS:

"There's a moment, just before the end... a moment of clarity, where all it finally seems to make sense. I saw it in the ELIZABETH's eyes. I want it for me."

It seems a bit disturbing, but I found some deepness in these words!

This sequel might be a low cost production (it is for sure) but in my perspective it's not worse than the first movie. Also, it's probably more suspenseful, but here also contributes the soundtrack, which is more effective providing suspense to the film.

It was a good surprise, since I was expecting something worse...

Reviewed by deathcube-1 4 / 10

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

When I saw the original SWF, way back when, I was upset when it was over because I wanted more. This is it.

Single White Female 2: The Psycho cleverly apply's new twists on an old formula. It strays just enough from the original to make itself its own, while borrowing the proper elements from the first film to remind you of the first film.

I love these direct-to-DVD sequels, smaller budget, unknown actors and actresses, bottom line no ego. Everybody just trying to make the best flick they can.

I also really liked Wild Things 2 and 3.

And Ladies, These films are guilty pleasures made for men. It's like soft core with less core and more story. The sooner you understand that the sooner you can pass over them in the store, and stop whining about how misogynistic and degrading these films are. Or if your not a crazy SWF yourself you can pick it up at the video store and watch it with your man.

Bottomline, if you like the first one, see this.

Reviewed by Dee-man 4 / 10

Single White Female 2: The Embarrassment

I'm not exactly sure of the reasoning behind the subtitle "The Psycho"...a tad unnecessary if you ask me. Then again, so is the whole movie.

This "sequel" takes place in the big busy city where two roommates/business partners eventually clash, forcing one to move out and (if you didn't see this coming like a freight train) into the apartment of a lonely quiet girl who turns out to be an obsessive nut case (with an appreciation for S&M...hmm). This movie is pretty much the same as the original, save for some different plot twists and turns here and there that lead up to what might be the most boring climax in movie history, taking place in an apartment building hallway. What fun.

I agree with what one person said about the "psycho's" wig in the first part of the movie being terrible, but what was worse was the wretched black bob wig worn by the main character's ex-roommate in an attempt to make her look sexy and exotic...needless to say, if Drew Barrymoore's character in SCREAM had an evil twin, she would look like this...

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