Ski Party


Comedy / Musical

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Frankie Avalon as Todd Armstrong
June Foray as Italian Actress / Miss Sally
Dick Miller as Taxi Driver
James Brown as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Space_Mafune 5 / 10

Mindless Fun

Todd Armstrong and his buddy Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon & Dwayne Hickman) aren't having any luck whatsoever with their lady friends Linda & Barbara (Deborah Walley & Yvonne Craig). When they learn the ladies are going to be going on a ski trip, our two pathetic heroes decide to follow in fear of permanently losing their gals should they not. Despite their inability to ski, Todd and Craig head off on and find Lesley Gore singing on the bus trip. They finally arrive at the lodge and still find themselves having no luck with Linda & Barbara. Finally the two decide to dress up as women (Jane and Nora) in order to learn how to ski from a sexy Swedish ski instructor but also inadvertently end up getting to learn much more about Linda & Barbara, and other women, than they ever knew or understood before. James Brown and the Fabulous Flames also show up at the lodge and perform "I Feel Good".

This Beach Party comedy movie isn't quite what one expects given enough experience with the previous films (for one thing neither the Eric Von Zipper nor Bonehead appear in this one) but it's nevertheless mindless and innocent fun. Its plot owes more than a little to SOME LIKE IT HOT but this does have its fun favorites included:

the public service announcement hiding Linda's explanation to Nora the secret that should be known only to women.

the character of Freddy, one of the greatest Beach Party villains ever, who falls in love with Nora

What happens to Todd, who despite a broken leg, after journeying a long distance in the snow to be with the Swedish ski instructor Nita...

Reviewed by TimRoger 5 / 10

Fun for teenagers of the era

Teenagers loved this "epic" baby boomer classic. Best part: Lesley Gore singing her huge 1965 hit "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" on the bus! Gore had many better hits, but this one fit this movie perfectly. Some funny and interesting scenes.

Reviewed by Skragg 8 / 10

Very entertaining beach movie off-shoot

Like so many "beach movies," and variations of them, I first saw this one when it was pretty CLOSE to new. It's easy to jump on it for being a "Some Like It Hot" rip-off, forgetting that the men-disguised-as-women joke has probably been going on FOREVER. Even though it's considered the masterpiece, SLIH didn't INVENT the idea. (And, this movie even acknowledges that one in one little line.) This one has some genuinely clever moments (though I wouldn't care that much if it DIDN'T). There's the carefully set-up joke that ends in front of the gas station with the line " 17 cents worth of regular" (you have to see the whole thing for yourself). And the moment where Dwayne Hickman "breaks the fourth wall" in a pretty original way - "Look, nothing's going to happen for a few minutes. Why don't you go get a coke or something?" And of course the cameos (which you usually expect from these movies) - Annette Funicello herself as Frankie and Dwayne's professor (!), and Dick Miller.

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