Ski Patrol


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 3234

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Paul Feig as Stanley
Martin Mull as Maris
Ray Walston as Pops
George Lopez as Eddie Martinez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by acewoodart 9 / 10

happy memories

It may not appeal to many viewers but I have always loved this film. To me it really captures the energy that being out on the slopes generates. There have been some awful reviews but its a comedy, its bound to be a little stupid & it gets my vote every time. There are many scenes that get me laughing each time & i've had the same VHS for years, since it was out in the video stores. My favourite if i had to choose would be the singing contest that Stanley and the ice man storm with their vibrant energy & hilarious attitude. I'm an art student and its a favourite of all my friends. My only complaint is that its not on DVD, all the out-takes, bloopers, interviews (there must have been some) and all the extras that everyone loves on DVD. Its a must see & don't compare it to conventional comedy thats now so old hat that its not funny anymore, this is a film that stands out on its own & deserves more respect than it had before. Re-release it on DVD please!

Reviewed by benbe83 7 / 10

Cult Classic B-Comedy that needs to be Released on DVD!!

Why is Ski Patrol not on DVD??? It is a true classic of the perhaps cheesy and clichéd, but wonderfully fun and endearing genre group of 1980s/early-90s B-Comedies.

This movie is pure, silly, unironic fun - it's hard to find a movie like this these days. George Lopez is great in his first acting role - And everyone needs to see Paul Feig's MJ-inspired dance sequence. He tears it up! As well as his onstage performance with 'Iceman' to win the talent show and thus save the Ski Patrol from the evil young blond yuppie Lance and his devious developer boss. Intrigued? That's what I thought - Ski Patrol is the ultimate B-Comedy cult film, the genre that the DVD format was made for!! Let's see a release soon, eh? - taste death, live life!

Reviewed by KarateBoyBiff 7 / 10

Won't win an Oscar, but it's fun to watch

If you prefer movies that make you think and challenge your mind and opinions in ways you didn't think possible, stay away from this movie. If you like movies that are filled with political incorrectness and mindless fun, have at it.

This movie was made in a more innocent time when people could make a movie without worrying if someone would complain about being politically incorrect. The same time when most of my favorite movies were made. For some who are concerned about this type of thing, there are times when they poke fun at characters for different things (for example one of them being bothered by being short) but it's more of good natured teasing than spiteful attacks.

One of the most memorable characters would have to be an individual by the name of suicide who has a few screws loose and does some outlandish things while trying to feel a rush.

I saw this movie for the first time when I was 19, and it's remained one of my favorites of all time. Not because it has in in depth and compelling story, because it doesn't. It was made during a time when a movie could be about next to nothing and still be good. For example, Breakfast Club was about 5 kids in detention. This movie is good, light hearted fun that I can watch again and again.

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