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Arnold Stang as Harry
George Raft as The Skipper
Groucho Marx as 'God'
Frank Gorshin as The Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 10 / 10

Must be seen to be believed!

Otto Preminger's drug culture meets mobsters movie goes beyond just being merely bad. It's a must-see for fans of "far out" films of the '60s. It's "plot" centers around a former gangster (Jackie Gleason) forced to return to the Mob by his old boss "GOD" (Groucho Marx) and break into jail to silence a potential government witness (Mickey Rooney). Much to the horror of his wife (Carol Channing...yes, you read correctly), Gleason vanishes back into the "underworld," takes LSD and escapes from jail via a trash can rigged as a balloon. You can imagine how ridiculous that scene is. However, it's nothing compared to the grotesque strip tease done by Channing for the pleasure of mafia under-boss Frankie Avalon. The great Harry Nilsson contributes a bunch of faux-psychedelic tunes and Channing croaks out the film's title song during the final freak out aboard Groucho's yacht (actually John Wayne's...borrowed for the filming). Marx, who appears to be reading cue cards, smokes some pot. In addition to the bizarre ensemble mentioned above, the cast includes: Cesar Romero, Arnold Stang, Peter Lawford, George Raft, John Phillip Law, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin, Fred Clark, and Austin Pendleton.

Reviewed by eminges 1 / 10

Whatever it takes

It took me years to find a copy of this, and I can tell you in all sincerity that it's worth whatever it takes to see it, not once, but as often as you can. If it shows up at a local film festival, make sure you see every showing. If it's shown once, make sure you cajole, bribe, or threaten every friend you've got to come along. Because otherwise you're going to spend the next year in a walking trance, stopping perfect strangers and trying to describe this...THING... you saw, where Groucho Marx and Frankie Avalon and John Philip, you've GOT to LISTEN to me!

Read all the other comments, read anything you can find on this monstrosity, and you'll still be only half-prepared for what you're going to see. The only two other films I can think of that so exceeded even their own outrageous hype were Blood Freak and Godmonster of Indian Flats. But, hey, those were low-budget obscurities. Skidoo was a HUGE production - and, unfortunately, I can't imagine this is EVER going to be released on DVD, VHS, CD, cassette, or eight-track, because I can't imagine the Preminger estate wanting any trace of Skidoo to surface ever again.

Carol Channing in bra and tights. Groucho Marx on a wood screw. Dancing garbage cans. Sure, sure, sure. You've heard the stories. But, lordie, there's sooooo much more....

Reviewed by matt-201 10 / 10

Most wack movie in the history of studio filmmaking

Picture if you will a gathering of celebrities at a Dean Martin Roast at the Sands in Vegas in 1974. Only tonight, instead of skewering Angie Dickinson or Dan Rowan, they've decided to do a scene-by-scene reenactment of UN CHIEN ANDALOU. George Gobel is the guy dragging the piano, Totie Fields is the chick with her eyeball slit open, and Nipsey Russell has a whole bunch of ants crawling on his palm. Evel Knievel does a walk-through.

Okay, got it? It's still not as demented as Otto Preminger's 1968 disasterpiece, the effort of a band of thoroughly washed-up Hollywood old-timers to get with the hip LSD-and-love-beads craze. Jackie Gleason is a mafioso thrown in the clink, given a hit of acid by his genius-hippie cellmate (introducing Austin Pendleton?!), leading to a Slavko Vorkapich-style hallucinogen montage that features a pea-sized Mickey Rooney dancing with bags of loot, metamorphosizing numerals, and, if memory serves, Gleason growing a new face.

Then, if you aren't yawning yet, there's the little thing of Carol Channing doing a striptease for Frankie Avalon. Or how about Groucho Marx as God, talking through a speakerphone from his houseboat? Or a musical finale, shot through more psychedelic filters than the graveyard in EASY RIDER, in which garbage cans turn into flying saucers that lift the cast into the sky? Note to Preminger biographers: whatever Der Otto was smoking--I'll take two, please.

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