Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnmalm 10 / 10

Correct credits...

Here are the correct credits , been trying to get them to fix for years. Taken from the credits at the end of the documentary.

Producer: Shari Cookson Director: Shari Cookson Co-producer: Marianne Norton Editor: Kate Amend Director of Photography: Wayne De La Roche Location Sound Mixer: John McCormick Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Mercado Sound Editor: Elizabeth Mercado Camera Assistants: Tracy Litwin, Mike Otano Additional Camera: John Hazard, Charlton McMillian, Bill Mills Assistant Sound Editor: John M. Malm Additional Sound: Shirley Libbiy Recording Mixer: Rick Dior Negative Conforming: Elliott Gamson Colorist: Jane Maiskaya Online Editor: Charles Marsella Titles: Pittard Sullivan Fitzgerald Production Associate: John Hathaway Production Assistant: David Bagley Business Affairs: Cynthia Shapiro

Reviewed by capn_lizard 9 / 10

Disturbing like nothing I've ever seen before

This documentary takes a very honest and unflinching look at modern-day racism is suburban America, particularly how people like Bill Riccio take advantage of kids who have nowhere else to turn. The film looks at the inner workings of Riccio's home and group of neo-Nazis, from recruitment of new members to meetings of the KKK. In this setting, Bill Riccio and his followers recruit teens who come from bad home situations or have become homeless; they need a place to stay and someone to take care of them, but unfortunately, they end up with a racist extremist. Like a non-fiction "American History X," the directors were able to document the transition of several 'normal' teens into followers of the Aryan Youth Nation. The documentary filmmakers were allowed to view and tape events such as teens celebrating the birthday of Hitler and anti-minority marches taking place in minority neighborhoods. It can be difficult to endure, since many things in the film fall into the category of "Something I would never do," yet watching it is like seeing a train wreck; chilling and disturbing, but you just can't turn away from it. This is an informative and truly disturbing experience.

Reviewed by Filmbaby 9 / 10

Intriguing Look Into The Bowels Of Hate

This documentary masterfully explores the world of Skinheads and the Klan in underground America. It is both entertaining and informative. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to gain perspective on the topic of racial hatred.

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