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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Z-grade horror spoof doesn't raise a smile

SKINNED ALIVE is a very much a bargain basement film that has stylistic similarities to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the story of a group of travelling weirdos who go around selecting victims and skinning them. The whole thing is so ridiculous that it plays out as a spoof of the horror genre, but it's never funny or horrifying, so it does feel like a pointless exercise.

The film has a concession to Z-grade movie fans in the casting of Scott Spiegel and J.R. Bookwalter, both B-movie directors (of INTRUDER and THE DEAD NEXT DOOR respectively). Most of it is an unfunny character comedy in the Troma style, with actors goofing off in supposedly funny scenes. It's quite horrible, and not in the right way.

Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10

Okay amateur-sickness.

This is another sick cheapie from J.R. Bookwalter's stable of enthusiast but untalented horror directors, better known as "Tempe Productions". Apart from his own outrageously gore debut film "The Dead Next Door", Bookwalter's production studio has unleashed nothing but embarrassingly bad splatter-stuff upon horror-loving audiences that have the most absurd and grotesque plots but also the most incompetent means to work with. "Skinned Alive" is entirely Jon Killough's pride and handles about a family of traveling weirdos that turn innocent people into fashionable clothing. After killing a guy near a retarded little Ohio town, their van breaks down and the family (weelchaired mother and her incestuous son and and daughter) has to stay at the garage owner's house, where they unconcernedly continue their killing spree. This movie somewhat feels like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets "Mother's Day" but it's neither scary nor very funny. I appreciate the goodwill of all cast-members (Scott Spiegel in particular seems to have a lot of fun) and some of the gore-effects are effectively nauseating. Killough's sense of humor is delightfully twisted and low-budget gore king J.R. Bookwalter makes a small appearance as the Jehovah's Witness (they make such easy preys). "Skinned Alive" is overall enjoyable in a brainless sort of way. Too bad about the terrible – at times downright unendurable – acting and the completely redundant divorce sub plot.

Reviewed by poolandrews 1 / 10

"I love it when you beg Paul, just like our wedding night..." Absolutely awful zero budget horror crap.

Skinned Alive starts somewhere in Ohio with a hitchhiker (writer & director Jon Killough) trying to thumb a lift on a lonely deserted backwoods road. Eventually a van pulls up, the words 'CRAWLDADDY'S TRAVELING TANNERY' are written along the side. He opens the door but the driver, Violet (Susan Rothacker) kicks him in the face & then Violets Brother Phink (Scott Speigel) kills him. Togetehr with their wheelchair bound, eye-patch wearing Mother strangely named Crawldaddy (Mary Jackson) they drive off. Before long a fat guy named Willard (Mike Render) whose car has broken down ends up the same way. But their van is having problems starting so they take it to a garage where a mechanic named Tom Miles (Lester Clark) says he can fix it but it'll take a while & invites the family to stay at his house with him & his wife Whinnie (Barbara Katz-Norrod). While their there the family repay their host's good deed by killing a few more of the locals to pass the time including a Jehovah's witness (played by music composer & producer J.R. Bookwalter) & a delivery boy (Mike Shea) intending to skin them & make jackets & handbags out of it, however Tom's next door neighbour, an ex-cop named Paul Hickox (Floyd Ewing Jr.) discovers the families murderous ways & decides to put an end to it...

Edited, produced & directed by Jon Killough who also has a small role in it, I personally thought Skinned Alive was an absolutely awful horror film in every way imaginable. According to the IMDb Skinned Alive's budget was an estimated minuscule $18,500, well all I can say is where did the money go because it didn't end up on screen that's for sure. I'm trying to think of a single positive thing to say about Skinned Alive but I simply can't think of one. The script is a mess & has all the intelligence, subtly & entertainment value of being written by an illiterate five year old. It can't decide whether it's a straight horror or comedy, I'm sure there are certain scenes which are meant to be funny like when Violet strips for Phink & when she kicks her boots off they both hit his head complete with silly sound effects & a stupid expression on Phink's face, unfortunately these 'comedy' moments are about as funny as losing an arm or leg. There is no story to speak of or any developed characters. The dialogue between the family is very annoying & consists of nothing more than how many swear words they can fit into sentences insulting each other, I hated the lot of 'em by the time Skinned Alive finished. The acting is as terrible as you would expect, real amateur stuff & it wouldn't surprise me if the entire cast were friends & family of the director's except Scott Spiegel (hey Scott loose the ponytail mate...) who I was shocked to see in this piece of pond scum & whose credits include The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), Intruder (1989), Darkman (1990) & the two recent Spider-Man (2002 -2004) films among others. I'd have thought he could have pointed the whole production in the right direction but obviously he didn't, oh & he can't act either. Basically Skinned Alive has no meaningful story, characters or incidents & lacks any sort of atmosphere or tension. The poorly conceived & executed gore scenes have no build up or pay-off. There's a bit when someone has the skin on their chest sliced off, a split in half head, a sliced open stomach, some severed fingers & a couple of skinned corpses but it's all very fake looking & filmed in such a way it has zero impact. Technically Skinned Alive is real bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, the keyboard synthesiser music is basic, bland & doesn't complement the on screen action in the slightest, the acting as I've already said is rotten throughout, the photography is of home camcorder quality & it was obviously shot on very low grade film or video as it is extremely grainy & lacks any colour definition & as a result Skinned Alive just doesn't look like a film, the director uses the most basic & as few shots as possible to accomplish the scene with no close-ups or establishing shots of note, neither does the camera move that much & when it does it's pretty jerky, the thing appears to be shot in two different houses & that's it for locations, I could probably go on all day about how bad this piece of crap is but hopefully you get the idea. Overall I hated Skinned Alive, it's the kind of film that gives the horror genre a bad name & will put casual viewers off other much better examples. I really don't have a single good thing to say about this lousy zero budget amateurishly made mess of a horror film. Avoid at all costs, you have been warned.

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