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Rhona Mitra as Rachel Talbot
Sarah Carter as Katherine
Elias Koteas as Jonas Talbot
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Reviewed by s2dio 7 / 10

I tell ya... We get no respect... Or regard... But no respect...

Werewolf movies are always difficult to make. They touch on an area of mythology that has so many facets, it's impossible to please everyone.

Everyone from Asia to the Natives of North America have tales of shape-shifting humans, and for some reason wolves became the go to animal for it. Stoopit sheep farmers...


I honestly liked this flick... I won't go so far as to say it's a must see, but it was entertaining and had just enough bite (see what I did there? classic comedy).

It's extremely difficult to sell a werewolf movie to someone who doesn't dig them in the first place.

They're nothing like vampyres. They aren't sexy, they aren't stylish, and they hardly ever keep a loft in a New York high rise.

Werewolves are the blue collar creature. They're always running, fighting, and sweating for everything they need.

And this flick does just that...

They start the clock running from the outset and establish that a single boy holds the key to the destruction or salvation of a race of werewolves, loosely based on the Native myths of Skinwalkers.

1 group attempts to protect the boy, while the other... Well... Wants to eat him.

Along the way, a few thousand rounds are spilled out of big shiny guns, and stuff gets blown up. There's enough sweat, hair tossing, and growled lines to keep any action fan happy. There's the mandatory martyr, rebel, desperate mother, and hot chick (even though she definitely loses some looks when she changes, werewolves ain't sexy). There's even the loving Grandma figure.

Turn off your brain, and pop some corn... You'll enjoy this flick if you don't read much into it.

Reviewed by sgdptech 10 / 10

Werewolves Can Also Be Fashionable!

This was one heck of a Non-Stop Action Movie. Much more Violent than I had heard it was, although I must admit that after seeing Jason Behr as a mild mannered alien on was most surprising to see him portraying a very Nasty & Ticked off Werewolf on this Movie. The women cast to participate in this movie, Rhona Mitra, Natassia Malthe and Sarah Carter were also very well chosen for their respective parts.

This is the first Werewolf Movie I've seen where after their Transformation they're still fully clothed, so instead of winding up Naked once they revert to their Human form, they can still go about their daily routines with none the wiser.

And at least they don't require an endless wardrobe to replace the torn or magically disappeared clothing they had been previously wearing, also worth mentioning is their more or less shaggy human resemblance, rather than having a wolf's snout and rear wolf legs with giant paws as in other Werewolf movies. Overall, A Fantastic Movie!

Reviewed by annagibson-43026 4 / 10

Was kind of pointless

OK so at the end of this movie you find out that this boy's blood can cure the werewolf curse but ONLY if you have it in your system. So basically they were after him thinking on the day of his 13th birthday they would all be cured but really they could only be cured if they drank his blood or was injected with it. So everyone died on here for nothing. The bad guys would have still been werewolves if they didn't try to kill him and the whole movie was just was pointless after you found all of that stuff out. Another thing that made me mad about this movie was that that stupid woman took that man back after he tried to kill their son and he killed his own brother.

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