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Jason Isaacs as Jack Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

bad premise

As a child, Meng Li and her father barely survive a volcano eruption but her mother is not so lucky. Despite that, she grows up to continue her mother's work as a young woman researching volcano and even working under reckless entrepreneur Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs) who has built a resort on a volcanic island.

This is a stupid premise. You're telling me that he built a resort on the side of a smoking volcano. Worst than that, you're telling me that people are willing to pay to stay there. Sometimes, people want to do a day trip to get a selfie in the crater but they're not having a restful night's sleep on top of a volcano. For this premise to work, the volcano needs to present itself as dormant but secretly active. Meng Li needs to be the outsider trying to warn the establishment of the danger. The premise is all wrong. I do like the possibilities within the father-daughter relationship. As for the CGI action, some of it looks relative good but some it looks fake. I can't give this a passing grade.

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10

very nice indeed

If you liked volcano with tlj and were scared by dantes peak with pb , or were you close to the nz volcano island erupting a month ago , then skyfire is the flick to see.

its blended with cgi that mesmerize(though with some glitches) your senses of time and place, if not to say youre well being. its a catch( fire) and run (like dante did l) for survival in 75 of it 90 minutes playtime, and with chinese foundation and 1000 yuan for a dollar, and sodoma & gomora like destruction made by the erupting volcano will hit you with a kaboom.

the grumpy old man can just recommend this one, there arent much mediocerism to find here

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