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Brittany Daniel as Candice
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Reviewed by phoenix42-676-813663 6 / 10

Fun sci-fi/monster action. Not as bad as some people say it is!

The movie is an entertaining ride for the most part as long as you go into the movie prepared for something that will have no unique characters or a decent script. - I saw the movie fully expecting a bad script, characters I wouldn't like, no artful directing, and a plot that fails to do anything new or interesting. But I allowed myself to be entertained by it as a simple piece of sci-fi/monster action! This is what you must do if you go to see it!!

I was mostly inspired to do this review because I think the film doesn't deserve some of the really nasty 2/10 reviews I have seen.

Basically the aliens and each confrontation against them are generally exciting and save the film. Considering the film was made on quite a small budget they did a great job with the effects. I think fans of video games like the RESISTANCE series or HALF LIFE should be able to enjoy it a bit more than most.

A lot of people have been to harsh on this film, it is clear from the trailer this is just another alien invasion movie. Anyone who watches it expecting a modern sci-fi classic like District 9 will be disappointed - so don't do that.

Basically if you are unsure about seeing the film but enjoy sci-fi/monster movies for nothing but quick entertainment you should get something out of it.

Reviewed by bob-rutzel-1 3 / 10

Story: Boring. CGI: Terrific

Strange lights awaken and beckon our little group towards them.

For almost 40-minutes you see nothing but the light that frightens and draws people towards it. The conversation among our group is stilted, and actually lacking (like you know: dead air) for the longest minutes. Were they waiting for the script to come to them? Very boring. Reminded me of the movie, THE HAPPENING where nothing happened in the entire movie.

After 40-minutes or so, the aliens make their presence known. Weird looking things. Kind of octopi with more than 8-arms going every which way. But, the CGI was terrific, I have to admit. The group tries and tries to defeat the aliens and to make some sense of all this. They should have fought with the Director, Producers and yes, of course, the script writers. I held on because the CGI was really good. Kudos.

If you had seen DISTRICT 9 (great movie, btw), then you know what happens at the end.

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Great visuals, soundtrack and action, story, acting and script lacking

I don't think Skyline is a bad movie as such. While there were better movies from 2010 such as The King's Speech, The Social Network, The Fighter and Toy Story 3, there are also worse such as Fred:The Movie, The Last Airbender, Vampires Suck and Clash of the Titans.

Skyline is not a good movie, but it isn't in my opinion bad either. If anything, my feelings for Skyline are very mixed. I have seen some comparisons to Battle:Los Angeles, and I do agree this is the better movie, while Skyline did have a lot of problems Battle:Los Angeles was clichéd, under-directed and over-edited and other than Aaron Eckhart, a decent idea and one or two decent scenes there was little of redeeming value.

Starting with the good things of Skyline, the visuals look absolutely great. The cinematography and editing are slick, the scenery is striking and the colours and lighting are bold, but the real star is the special effects which are superb. The sound is another plus, very explosive and authentic, and the soundtrack is memorable, not too generic and fits decently with the mood. Also, the action in general is explosive and exciting.

Skyline does also have its flaws though. The characters are not as clichéd or indifferent as those of Battle:LA and some of the worst of the year, but to be honest I did find some of the characterisation underdeveloped and irritating. The dialogue is often cheesy and seems to be taking an exercise in high camp, and the climax while quite freaky and atmospheric feels like a different tone to the rest of the movie and this was a tone that jarred a bit. The story in its structure is quite soap-opera-like, and can get predictable and pedestrian, the direction is sometimes good sometimes flat and the acting is also uneven ranging from over-eager to bland.

All in all, Skyline was not a bad movie in my opinion, certainly not as bad as I'd heard, but it is a hardly exceptional movie either. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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