Skyline Cruisers

2000 [CN]


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Qi Shu as June
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chmilar 7 / 10

Total kinetic energy

I don't think I've seen another film with as much action as Skyline Cruisers. It is relentless, and there are no lulls. While some sequences are silly, they blow by so fast that before you have time to reflect, you are onto the next one.

Despite the non-stop action, the characters are developed. Each actor provides a sense of personality. Character development occurs through action and facial expressions, rather than dialogue. Skillful direction and editing makes the slightest eye movement meaningful.

The film makers are relying on the audiences' knowledge of action films. They assume we know the basic rules and stereotypes: the hero and his sidekicks, internal team struggles, the femme fatale, the double-double-cross, etc. Thus, they don't bog down the action with setups and explanations. They only provide the key details we need to understand their hero, or the current sub-plot. They assume the viewer is intelligent, and knows the genre. No time is wasted overexplaining the details. This is not a shortcoming but a strength of Skyline Cruisers.

The film is also stylish. Sets are glass and steel. Cold, grey colors dominate. The camera is always in motion, adding to the kinetic energy. The cinematography and lighting is crisp and glossy. The whole package gives Skyline Cruisers a high-tech, state-of-the-art action film look.

Skyline Cruisers is not a big-budget film: there are no huge, expensive "set pieces". But, they are not needed. Intelligent planning, good casting, and understanding of the genre and its audience has replaced spending. Hollywood can learn from Skyline Cruisers. Perhaps they will stop making $100,000,000 turkeys and make some movies like Skyline Cruisers: smart, entertaining, and full of action.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

For HK action movie completists only.

No amount of ultra-cool cinematography can hide the fact that Skyline Cruisers is a vacuous affair, devoid of real excitement or drama. For the most part, it exists as an exercise in aesthetics - from the good looking cast (including babes, Shu Qi and Michelle Saram) to the slick high-tech gadgetry, style is paramount. The result is a good looking but turgid and confusing mess.

A gang of cool thieves are enlisted by a scientist to help retrieve a stolen cure for cancer. Using an array of amazing spy gadgetry (the likes of which make the invisible James Bond car seem possible), they attempt to break into a top security lab – but all is not as it at first seems.

The film starts with an unbelievable (and I mean that in a bad way) heist that piles the nonsensical upon the absurd. Once this tone is set, it continues for the majority of the running time. Unfortunately, instead of acknowledging and embracing the downright absurdity of the plot, the cast seems to be taking things far too seriously. Only in the closing scenes do the proceedings get crazy enough to become truly entertaining. If director, Wilson Yip, had ignored all attempts at being cool, and had made the whole film as ridiculously gung-ho and over-the-top as the last few minutes, he may have had something of a cult hit on his hands – instead, the end result is yet another disappointing HK actioner.

Reviewed by smash_retro 10 / 10

Everything MI:2 should have been and more

What a great action flick!

This movie tries to follow generic Hollywood high-tech action thriller guidelines, but gets thrown off track by good acting, a complex story, beautiful trick-cinematography, awesome spy gadgets, incredible special effects, and a healthy dose of kung-fu. It's simply a very well thought out, very well made film along the lines of the Matrix but with a slightly less exotic location. (Kuala-Lumpur and Australia)

The characters are complex and introspective if you use your imagination a little. Emotion is implied. Rather than saying one word about their feelings throughout the film, the characters let their actions speak for them. It's definitely possible to view this movie on two different levels- the first of pure enjoyment, the second of discovering motives behind the story.

I wouldn't say this movie changed my life, but there's almost nothing better I can recommend for assured entertainment. The year 2000 has shown Hong Kong catch up to and surpass Hollywood even in the big-budget thriller genre. What's next? If Skyline Cruisers is any indication, a Chinese live-action 'Gatchaman' film can't be too far behind.

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