Slapstick of Another Kind


Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 9%
IMDb Rating 2.6 10 908

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John Abbott as Dr. Frankenstein
Peter Kwong as Chinese Astronaut
Samuel Fuller as Col. Sharp
Merv Griffin as Anchorman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 / 10

This one sat on the shelf for two years....and I'm surprised it wasn't for forever!

"Slapstick of Another Kind" is a surprise to watch. After all, I've never seen it included on a list of the worst movies ever made...but clearly it deserves to be there. Obviously SOMEONE thought the film was god-awful, as the studio shelved it for two years before ultimately releasing it! This is because this film is super- bizarre, totally unfunny and an awful chore to watch. Rarely have I ever seen anything THIS tedious and awful!! And, as far as entertainment goes, I think it's preferable to stare at vomit for 90 minutes than watch this movie.

When the film begins, there is a really crappy outer space scene where disembodied beings talk about sending twins to the United States to help them out. Apparently, they sent two to China but with poor results. As for the Chinese, they are all just a few inches high and fly about in UFOs!

When the children are born to their rich and sophisticated parents, they are hideous and the doctor (Frankenstein...ha, ha?!) advises the parents to abandon them to his care. And for 15 years, they are pretty much left on their own while the servants just party. During this time, on their own, they learn a billion and one things and are very bright--but they look and act really stupid much of the time. In fact, it's insultingly awful, as the film appears to make fun of the intellectually challenged.

Later, the President of the United States arrives in Air Force One (powered by chicken crap) because the Chinese tell everyone the twins are 'America's greatest resource'...and things don't go very well during the visit. What happens next? Who cares....but see this film if you must!

Not one bit of this film is the least bit funny or worthy of your attention. It's loud, boorish and annoying from start to finish. A god-awful mess of a film that NEVER should have been released and marks one of the lowest points in cinematic history. While almost no one has seen Jerry Lewis' "The Day the Clown Cried" (as he refuses to allow it to be released because, presumably, it's THAT bad), it cannot be as awful as this film he and Madeline Kahn made- -presumably because someone was holding them captive or threatening to shoot their families.

Air Force One, apparently, isn't the only thing running on chicken crap!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 2 / 10


I went looking for something about what Kurt Vonegut himself must have thought of this film adaption of his novel Slapstick. I could find nothing attributable to him, but I sure found plenty of people who thought this film was horrid. I have to say I agree.

If someone like Steven Spielberg had made Slapstick it probably would have turned out something like Close Encounters Of The Third Kind or Cocoon. It should have been a fantasy like those two films. But someone possibly Jerry Lewis saw the title and was taken with it. And we got a slapstick version of Slapstick.

Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn play a wealthy married couple who have fathered a pair of grotesque looking boy and girl twins also played by Lewis and Kahn. They're not human, these the product of alien seed put into Kahn by some far superior alien race in the hopes of saving the planet. Previously they've tried with two other twins in China which has now progressed technically far beyond the rest of the planet. But they're taking selfish advantage. Time to even the odds.

The Chinese under the leadership of Premier Pat Morita have solved their population explosion and in turn all the problems that has brought with it. Wait till you see how they did it. President Jim Backus of the USA wants to do the same thing for America. Can Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn be the answer?

The secret is that together they're at an intelligence level light years beyond anyone human even Stephen Hawking. Apart they're some of Mack Sennett's best comedians for real. Useless apart and together they can outsmart the world, what to do?

Maybe some day someone will do this novel over again in the proper genre.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 1 / 10

Comedy is hard, until it begins to rot.

There is only one reason why this film is probably not on the list of the worst comedies of all time, because people are embarrassed to admit that they've seen it, or worse, sat all the way through it. There is also another reason why comedy in the 1970's seemed to be on an upswing: there were only two Jerry Lewis movies, and we got talents like Madeline Kahn. It's too bad though that her reign was only brief, greatly damaged by her decision to appear in a film with the overrated Lewis.

This nonsensical piece of slapjunk is loosely based on a story by Kurt Vonnegut, and it took guts for him to allow this to end up in the hands of the people who wrote it, directed it, produced it, and swept up at the end of the day, forgetting to throw the prints away. Lewis and Kahn suffer great indignity in dual roles, playing the parents of themselves, and looking like Raggedy Ann and Andy after a bad acid trip.

Marty Feldman went from being Igor to Marvin the Martian doing a bad Peter Lorre impression, and Jim Backus goes from being lost on that island to becoming president of the United States, and he should have paraphrased a Reagan quote by saying, "Mr. Director, throw out this film!"

But the worst bit of abuse goes to Pat Morita as a Japanese general dissolved to doll size and barking orders in a squeaky voice. He should have waxed off of this film, and focused on his Oscar nominated role in "The Karate Kid" which just released in the very same year in the United States, although this burst like a pimple out two years before in other countries.

There have been many bad comedies made each year, and some of them at least give you a few laughs. In striving to be goofy and filled with slapstick (accentuated in its title) that it fails as if divine intervention made it turn out so bad. Veteran character actor John Abbott is probably the one good thing here, playing a doctor who gets to say a few funny lines in complete monotone, and Orson Welles simply just provides the opening narration.

This also has some of the worst special effects, pretty sad coming off an era that gave us "Star Wars" and "Ghostbusters", although the mentality of this movie seems to be in the mind of the stay puff marshmallow man. You couldn't roast this marshmallow any worse than the critics did, and when you can't find one favorable review on this site, you know you've got a film that will be despised for eternity and one that should probably just be mercifully forgotten so nobody else ever suffers through it.

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