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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Killer Jeans - Jeans to kill for(?)

Generally I like social messages, I like it when people realize that they can change things, even with the smallest effort. And maybe this movie achieves to change some peoples mind on buying clothes every other day. Cheap clothes that is (I won't even mention the stores that sell them). So making a movie about a Jeans that is out for blood (literally) is as far out as it sounds. There is nothing more to add to that.

But the movie itself (if you can deal and dig all the violence) is quite cliche. And the finger pointing and over the top characters will either work for you or against you/the movie. It is tough to sympathize with anyone in this (even with the explanation given) and painting them as one dimensional as possible does not add to that either. If you either don't mind and just want to enjoy some rather fine blood and special effects, good. Maybe the message makes it all good for you .. but there will be quite a few that probably will just plainly be annoyed by most of the movie ... just a fair warning. Overall I would rate it decent myself, all things considered

Reviewed by kingshilow 5 / 10


Starts off promising but gets old very quickly. Then it's just a clichee horror flick, for a mere 75mins runtime that's an accomplishment..

Reviewed by vernamorse 8 / 10

Surprise!! It's good

I was originally not going to see this.....let's face it, a scary movie with a possessed pair of jeans as our killer??! It really is the apocalypse, right?

But surprisingly enough this Canadian horror follows films like Prom Night and Terror Train - which coincidentally were also lean, low budget films from Canada.

I'm not going to tell you too much, but if you get the opportunity to have a watch party with this, jump at it. If you live somewhere that you can actually go to the theatre as I did, it's a great opportunity to enjoy a somewhat silly horror film with appropriate lashings of blood AND a social message. It's no classic, but I know I'll never forget it!

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