Slumber Party Massacre



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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

upside down twist

It's 1993. Four girls are having a slumber party in a cabin. Chad is Trish's jealous ex. All of them are attacked by the drill-welding killer, Russ Thorne. Trish is the sole survivor. It's present day. Dana leaves her overprotective mother and joins her friends on a girls weekend. Their car breaks down and they end up back to where the attack originally occurred.

It starts as a standard exploitation horror with a bit of comedy but it gets annoying as the standard becomes predictable. Then comes the shocking twist. It turns the whole movie upside down. I love the idea but not always the execution. It's jumping over the fine line to make fun of the original movies. Maybe a bit of subtlety would be more compelling. For example, Guy 1 and Guy 2 could simply be Chad 1 and Chad 2. It's possible to have two Chads in the same friends group. By doing the two Guys, the movie stops existing in the real world. This world isn't that real to begin with. Finally, there is the last act. The girls are being too girlie. There is something obvious. It keeps going on and on. It's better to cut it short. All in all, this is more imaginative and better made than the original.

Reviewed by darkshadows-99160 1 / 10


All I got to say is that I will never get 2 hours of my life back after watching this imagining/reboot. This is a lame attempt ffg or a cash grab. I will stick with the original trilogy.

Reviewed by victoraurungo 7 / 10

Better then I imagined

It was a ok movie, lots of nice reference to the original ones. The white straight men complaining and giving it 1 star have to realize that not everything in the world is going to be made for them in mind, those days are over. Deal with it.

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