Slumber Party Massacre III


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Alexander Folk as Detective Davis
Marta Kober as Pizza Girl
Maria Ford as Maria
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Reviewed by pizowell 10 / 10

Great Slashfest.

This flick is loaded with those great ingredients that make a great slash flick. But this flick actually has moments of intensity with a truly insane psycho driller killer with some hilarious dialogue. This flick also has the dumbest slash victims in slash history. These girls are trapped in their own home. They have about 100 chances to escape and yet they stick around and run upstairs to hide. Awesome! I want extra cheese on my slash flicks. This flick has a big body count, a truly crazy killer, and a dozen red herrings- oh yeah and these girls are in their underwear for most of the flick. You got to love these type of flicks.

Reviewed by slasherfan 8 / 10

Suspenseful, gory and exciting.

After a hard day of partying on the beach a group of girls head to Jackies house for a slumber party. Little do they know a weirdo has followed them home. As the party begins, the girls drink beer, a weird neighbour spys on them and the freak from the beach hangs around outside spying on them. The guys turn up to scare the girls and get invited to the party. One of the girls invites a guy named Ken that she meet on the beach to the party. Before long a dead body is found in the closet and the girls panic. It's not long before they are all being chased by a psycho wielding a drill.

WOW, I truly loved Slumber Party Massacre III, it was a great movie, but I had to look past a few things, most of the girls and guys could not act, the character were very stupid, they kept knocking out the killer then running off, leaving him to get up and resume killing. If you look past the stupidity of this movie you begin to see how much fun it is. The twist with this one is that the killer is one of the teenagers, or one of the weirdos, we don't find out until halfway through, the killer also has more of a character, he isn't just an escaped mental person, or someone that just decided to show up for no reason. The is alot of gore in this movie (and I saw the cut version) the deaths aren't all drills, there is a chainsaw and even a for sale sign comes into play. Over all this is the best of the three, many might disagree with me, but it's my opinion and I love this trilogy and I think the third is the best.

Reviewed by SCREAM-6 10 / 10

Exciting Movie

This movie was very good for a B movie. The last 20 min of mayhem were wonderful. Maria Ford's acting was superb. Our favorite character was Janine because she was a dits. Hope Marie Carlton was good for the role. We loved Keely Christian's (Jackie) voice. Suzie was the sickest character. Get away from me Suzie. We are going to order this movie through the mail because it is so exciting!

Dylan and Anthony

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