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Reviewed by jotix100 4 / 10

With a mother like this!

Some women are born to be mothers. Other women really do not get it right, so they s-mother! Which is the subject of this lame comedy recently shown on a cable network. We thought it might have been the case of a film so bad, that it was sent directly to the land of the DVD!

Actually, not having a clue as to what "Smother" was about, but thinking, how bad can a film be with Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler in its cast, we decided to take a chance. Well, this movie was the perfect example of good intentions going stray. The problem is a screenplay that does not hold any surprises. As written by Tim Rasmussen and directed by Vince DiMeglio, the movie does not go anywhere.

Part of the problem might be Diane Keaton's character. She is the mother from hell; she is irritating and completely out of control. Ms. Keaton is a good actress, but this movie will not add to her CV. Liv Tyler is totally wasted. The only one that is saved from this disaster is Ken Howard, who is seen as the father. The other question in our mind was: what was the purpose of casting Mike White at all?

Reviewed by EUyeshima 6 / 10

An Off-Kilter Screwball Farce of a Needy Mother and Her Put-Upon Son

I have an unexplainable fondness for this slight, oddball 2008 comedy. It's not the catastrophic train wreck others would have you believe it is. Instead, director/screenwriter Vince DiMeglio has concocted a screwball farce with off-kilter characters that alternate between endearing and irritating, often in the same moment. The film is by no means a significant milestone in cinema, but it does generate some unexpected laughs mostly due to Diane Keaton's freewheeling performance. The Oscar-winning actress may appear to be slumming here, but her dexterity is put to the test as one incredibly needy and critical mother.

Usually a second banana in films, Dax Shepard ("Baby Mama") plays Noah, a physical therapist who gets fired and wants to change his luck by starting his own practice. Married to Clare, a schoolteacher who wants to have a baby badly, he finds his wife's cousin Myron, a dweeby screenwriter wannabe, parked on the couch. Later, Noah's mom Marilyn drops by unexpectedly after a big fight with his father. She moves in with her five dogs, all named Sammy Higgins, and together they find jobs at the carpet store where used to work. Her flighty incompetence gets them both fired, and things get even worse from there.

Shepard relies heavily on a deadpan delivery to carry his performance. Liv Tyler ("The Lord of the Rings") is sweet as Clare, and Mike White ("The Good Girl") manages to make his creepiness oddly likable. But it's Keaton who amps up her innate zaniness to draw a beleaguered level of sympathy to a character that could have been buried in sitcom-level clichés. For evidence, watch her work the scene in the Denny's-style restaurant or trade barbs with Shepard in the funeral scene. Production values are on the modest side. The 2009 DVD features an entertaining commentary track from DiMeglio (who reveals that the story is somewhat autobiographical) and a brief making-of featurette.

Reviewed by jaybob 1 / 10

One of the worst films ever made,

In over 70 years of watching movies,This has to be one of the very worst comedies ever made. Mel Brooks, Mike Meyers & a few other have made some very bad comedies, this however is the absolute bottom of the barrel.

It is unfunny from the very opening,to the tacked on scene during the credits.

Diane Keaton who I normally like must have needed her paycheck badly. She desperately needs to re-learn her craft.

Dax Shepard (I do not know who he is),needs a better director,to show him how to act.

Liv Tyler is also not up to her role.

Mike White needs to find another character,he has done this same type person a few times too many.

Ken Howard who started out years back as a first rate actor, also not as good as he used to be.

There is nothing decent I can say on this attempt at movie comedy.

Ratings: * (out of 4) points 25(out of 100) IMDb 1 (out of 10)

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