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Jade Wu as Dai Mah
Celia Au as Jai
Shuya Chang as Sister Tse
Devon Diep as Sinh
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Reviewed by Blue-Grotto 8 / 10

we make our own fate

Sister Tse is a survivor. After leaving China in a container ship she is arrested the moment she steps into New York. Her baby girl is taken from her there. Returning years later to try to find her daughter, Sister Tse first has a debt to pay to the snakeheads (smugglers). They push her to sell her body, she rebels, and is brutally punished. However, her survivor instincts and courageous spirit gain her the favor of Dai Mah, a crime boss and snakehead in Chinatown. Competition is fierce for Dai Mah's attention and Sister Tse is just an errand rat, but with Dai Mah's encouragement she begins to rise. There is a big difference between fear and respect, and unlike Dai Mah, Sister Tse is the respectful type. Her power lies in what she gives rather than what she takes, and herein is the path to redemption and a true home.

Snakehead is exhilarating and authentic. Narrated by the character of Sister Tse the film illuminates some of the true reasons that people immigrate. These reasons do not usually include money. The film is thrilling because it pulls back the curtain on the criminal underworld of smugglers and is based on real crime stories including that of Cheng Chui Ping (aka Sister Ping), who ran a long-standing snakehead operation in New York.

From law school I know that the great majority of people are convicted of crimes based on their own statements. People MUST talk about what they did, and this bites them in the butt. This is why the first words out of a lawyer's mouth are usually some version of "shut up and let me do the talking." Snakehead reveals this truth.

Seen at the Toronto international film festival.

Reviewed by dave-87218 5 / 10

Complete Nonsense

This is the movie about human smuggling that Disney would make. A complete fantasy.

A woman from China gets smugglers to bring her to NYC and when she is unwilling to turn tricks to pay for her passage, she is allowed to work in a restaurant, making dumplings. Seriously?

Virtually every character in the movie is Chinese and it is set in a Chinatown full of recent immigrants (presumably) and yet everyone speaks perfect English. Surely, most of the dialogue should have been in Chinese with English subtitles.

Full marks for the production values, the movie is lovely to look at but the story gets an F.


Who at TIFF imagined that this was a movie to screen?

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