Snowroller - Sällskapsresan II

1985 [SWEDISH]


IMDb Rating 6.6 10 5928

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bjornet 9 / 10

A true Swedish classic

Probably a majority of the Swedish population has seen this true classic about skiing vacations in The Alps. The plot might be silly, but the movie remains splendid. Lasse Åberg manages to capture the feeling of a typical skiing vacation, with a lot of humor. Those of us who have been on a skiing vacation in Austria, can probably identify themselves with the atmosphere captured in "Sällskapsresan II, Snowroller". It might not be a masterpiece, but it remains a true classic.

Reviewed by Catharina_Sweden 9 / 10

Warm, moving and very funny

I blushed and laughed alternately when I watched this, because I recognized myself and people that I know in the various situations. It is a very "human" movie that you can relate to. It is also a warm movie, with much heart and empathy beneath the amusing happenings. There is a lot of action; things happen all the time - it is not slow, as many a little older movies are easily perceived to be today. A must-see if you would like to understand us Swedes!

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